At 1am after watching the first two episodes of Barry, season four, I realized that Nope was also available for streaming. I’ve been wanting to watch that movie for a long time and the only thing stopping me was being a cheapskate and not wanting to pay for a streaming rental. It’s now available as part of the subscription to Crave, so my patience paid off.

Instead of going to sleep, I watched the first 30 minutes of it so far. It hooked me immediately. I briefly thought about just going for it and just watching the whole thing. That would probably bring me to around 3:30am. That’s late and I have a 9am meeting tomorrow. That’s too late and my morning is too early tomorrow.

The great thing is, the movie isn’t going anywhere, and I resume it tomorrow at a much more convenient time. The thing is, if I had won the lottery, I wouldn’t need to worry about work tomorrow. Hmmm… maybe it’s time to start playing the lotto again.

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