My phone randomly rebooted this morning while I was looking at it. I hadn’t even got out of bed and it was acting up. The wifi on my phone has been wonky for the last several weeks, randomly dropping connections and then re-connecting again. It was annoying but I got used to it.

This was an entirely new problem however. It took forever to boot up for some reason. When it finally finished starting up, the wifi wouldn’t even work. It couldn’t even scan for available networks. I was stuck on cellular data. This was not good.

I went the entire day on just cell data, no wifi whatsoever. When I got home from work, I started researching the problem. Fortunately or unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one with this problem. I found this rather ghetto solution on YouTube that applied to a different phone model but could also work for mine. I did my best not to break anything as I tried it on my own phone. To my surprise, I got wifi back for about ten minutes before it stopped working again. Boo!

It seemed like I’d be stuck with just using cell data from now on but I just rebooted my phone again about five minutes ago and it’s stuck on a screen with just the word “Google” on it. My phone won’t even start now!

I’m afraid this isn’t looking good for my beloved Nexus 5.


Over the last week or so I’ve been working on this idea for a new YouTube channel. Will it be a unique channel? Sadly, it will not. There are already two or three channels like it. So why do it? It will be incredibly easy for me to make videos. The source content for the channel will be readily available. I easily could put out like five videos a week if I wanted to.

Once I have it up and running, I’ll let everyone know what it is.


The mayor of the municipality I live in tweeted a picture of a nearby intersection that was taken in 1932. The street is quite familiar to me since it’s only one block over from where I live. The picture shows a very different street. Only two buildings have retained their general condition and shape since that time. There are streetcars running down the middle of road. Those have been long gone. The storefronts are different. The few people on the street are wearing formal (compared to today) clothes. The cars parked on the side of road would be considered classics now.

It’s amazing snapshot in history and I wonder what this street will look like 85 years from. I bet it’s all AI hover cars and robots!


Last week I randomly decided to check how much my apartment is selling for on the market these days. With three nearly identical buildings on my street with identical layouts in each building, it’s easy to see how much your place might go for. During the summer, my apartment was already way overpriced but I was in for a shock. The latest asking price someone had posted was $100k higher than the summer asking price. If this is indeed the new norm for my apartment layout then it’s clear the local real estate market is continuing to be out of control.

At that price, it’s about $200k over what I paid for my apartment. While some might relish in the incredible investment this has turned out to be, it’s indicative of a much larger problem in this city. This is a potential gain, so I get nothing at this point, other than worry for where the market is headed even just six months from now.


It’s a great week for talk shows as just after Conan appeared on Colbert, David Letterman was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in New York. The now-retired Letterman showed up with his signature “vagrant” beard. This must have been such a treat for Kimmel, since Dave was and continues to be his showbiz idol. I’m looking forward to his Netflix show.


If you’re curious about what the weather is going to be like in Vancouver for the next week or so, read this special weather statement. If you can’t be bothered, I’ll sum it up for you. It’s going to rain for about seven straight days. It’s also going to windy on some days.

A whole week of wet, cloudy, and grey skies. This is the stuff David Duchovny complained about when he lived here.


I’ve had my phone for nearly four years now. My Nexus 5 is easily the best phone I’ve ever had. The combination of price, size, computing power, and durability has made this one of the best values for anything I’ve spent my money on.

I’m curious though as how much longer I can use this phone. The only thing about it that bothers me currently is that it has this frustrating habit of losing the wifi connection and then switching to cellular data, then connecting to wifi again less than a second later. It wouldn’t be so bad if this was seamless transition but when my phone loses its wifi connection, it takes up to 30 seconds to realize it has no connection and that it needs to switch to cellular data. During those 30 seconds or so, my phone has no data connection so all apps that require data just get into a failure state. If I’m in the middle of a download or refreshing a page, post, or thread, all of that gets interrupted. It’s very frustrating.

I’m not sure what the root cause of this is. For my phone, the wifi antenna is actually part of the back cover. I’ve actually replaced this cover quite recently but the problem persists. Sometimes the disconnections happen once a day or less. For the last several days, it disconnects every two minutes it seems.

Is this the thing that finally forces me to get a new phone?


I watched Alien Covenant tonight. It was not as bad as I expected but it still not a very good movie. Most of the characters in the movie make the worst decisions possible. Unfortunately this movie franchise seems to have lost its way. I blame this on Ridley Scott.


So two of my friends went to Las Vegas on the weekend. They ordered an Uber and jumped into the car that you see above. Some dude (and apparently rapper) named Ollie B live streamed the entire ride. My friends weren’t expecting any of this. It was awkward at times. Enjoy.