My phone randomly rebooted this morning while I was looking at it. I hadn’t even got out of bed and it was acting up. The wifi on my phone has been wonky for the last several weeks, randomly dropping connections and then re-connecting again. It was annoying but I got used to it.

This was an entirely new problem however. It took forever to boot up for some reason. When it finally finished starting up, the wifi wouldn’t even work. It couldn’t even scan for available networks. I was stuck on cellular data. This was not good.

I went the entire day on just cell data, no wifi whatsoever. When I got home from work, I started researching the problem. Fortunately or unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one with this problem. I found this rather ghetto solution on YouTube that applied to a different phone model but could also work for mine. I did my best not to break anything as I tried it on my own phone. To my surprise, I got wifi back for about ten minutes before it stopped working again. Boo!

It seemed like I’d be stuck with just using cell data from now on but I just rebooted my phone again about five minutes ago and it’s stuck on a screen with just the word “Google” on it. My phone won’t even start now!

I’m afraid this isn’t looking good for my beloved Nexus 5.

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