I was able to successfully reboot my phone last night after some more tweaking. It seems pretty stable today. Of course there was still no wifi functionality.

I suppose I could continue to only use cell data as I get 6 Gb of data allotted to me per month. Since my download speeds over cell connection are much slower than through wifi, I probably won’t be able to even use that much data in a month. It does, however, suck to be stuck at a lower download speed. I believe I’m getting like 3 Mbps over my cell connection. It’s not terrible but it’s not great either.

I could continue to limp along with decreased functionality but it’s just not the most optimal experience. Perhaps after four years of admirable performance and service, it’s time to get to a new phone.

With my phone somewhat stabilized now, I can take time to find a decent phone without having to make a snap decision right away. Maybe I should go back to a flip phone?

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