One of my good friends and current co-worker flew to Hawaii for a week long vacation on the weekend. He and I usually meet up once a day for a coffee to shoot the breeze and take a break. With him gone for the week, I won’t have my coffee buddy. He says I’ll find a way to adapt but I think I’ll just drink my coffee alone at my desk. Anyways, happy Monday everyone!


Last week I wrote about the discontent I had for the new people running the studio cafeteria. The food is simply not that great. We have an internal Slack channel for discussing studio matters amongst employees. Everyone is free to say whatever they want. Since the beginning of the year, the daily conversation has been dominated by complaints about the food. I agree with most of the complaints.

This week, I tried the beef chili twice, and each time it was too salty to eat. It was disgusting. In between that, I had a chicken orzo soup one day. That soup was so bland, it almost seemed like someone had tried to make it taste like nothing. I don’t know how you can go from too salty to no salt in the same week.

The meals and entrees seem to want to remove choice from the employees. You can no longer choose what sides you want for an entree. Before you could choose a starch or no veggies, or just veggies, or both. Now, you just get whatever they want to give you. Often, entrees will come with two starch sides and no vegetables. That’s not really healthy.

I’ve decided to get just get prepackaged salads from now on. These things are consistent in their quality, are healthy, and while they don’t taste all that wonderful, it’s cheaper and better for me.

I hope I can lose some weight going forward as well.


This evening I got into the part of YouTube that features cooking videos. The still image you see above is from this video. I’ve been really into teppanyaki videos lately. A few weeks ago, I had my first teppanyaki style meal. The beef I had was incredible. I’d like to go to Japan one day and have teppanyaki there.


One of my co-workers is going to one of our studios in Edmonton to look at some systems that might have use in our Vancouver studio. We have a problem we need to solve and hopefully the Edmonton dudes have already solved it. My co-worker left this evening and I remembered it was bitterly cold everywhere but basically Vancouver very recently. I checked the forecast and he kinda lucked out. There’s currently a freezing rain warning for Edmonton but the low for tomorrow is -3, which isn’t too bad for Edmonton. He’s only going to be there for two days and the low on his last day will be just -1. Had he gone next week, he would have experienced lows of -16.

If only our Orlando, Florida studio had made these new systems instead.


I didn’t get enough sleep last night which led to a severe case of the Mondays.

I’m trying my best to sleep early tonight and I kinda already failed. Oh well.


Last week a large rip formed in my bed sheets. I tend to use the same set of sheets over and over again. I wash them, put them back on, rinse and repeat, I guess literally. This particular set was due for a rip. The damage started out small but as I slept each night, my feet would make the rip larger and larger.

This weekend, I had a coupon for 20% off at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It seemed like a good place to get new sheets, as I had done before. I discovered an interesting thing there. Bed sheets with thread counts higher than 500 only come in queen or king sizes. I have a full (or double) bed, so I’m stuck at 500 thread count only. This seems to be only the case BB&B as a quick check of Amazon shows more options.

Anyways, I was in a hurry and I needed new sheets so I chose a new set at 500 thread count. It’s soft enough for me.


It’s almost been two weeks since a new food service provider started operating the cafeteria at the studio. At this point, I have to say I’m disappointed and as for now, it hasn’t been an improvement over the previous company. For starters, I have a minor complaint for breakfast. They don’t offer “real” hash browns any more. I like the ones where it’s pressed into a patty and then fried. Instead, they offer pan fried nugget potatoes, like whole potatoes. That’s not hash browns at all!

Lunch is my biggest complaint. Before they had an option at the main station to select from two proteins and a vegetable side. It was really easy to get a high protein, low-carb lunch with veggies. Now, that is impossible at the main station. Every lunch option there has some sort of carb option and you’re not even guaranteed to have veggies with it. Last week, I had a tandoori chicken meal that had rice and a naan, with no vegetables. Sometimes the main lunch station closes down at 12:45pm and you’ll have missed out.

The salad bar is also a big letdown. They used to have taco salads, which I rarely choose, but were quite popular with other employees. Those are no longer offered. My usual choice of salad was a chef’s salad but that is no longer an option either.

The soups they offer are also odd. I had a chicken noodle soup last week that was tasteless. It appeared to have been made with no salt or spices whatsoever. It seemed like you’d have to purposely work hard to get to not taste like anything.

Another complaint that I have and I’ve heard as well is that you just don’t get a lot of value for your money. The prices have increased but the portion sizes have decreased. I honestly haven’t had a decent meal since the new year.

I know it’s only two weeks in and there’s time for adjustments but so far, I am not a fan.