Last week I wrote about the discontent I had for the new people running the studio cafeteria. The food is simply not that great. We have an internal Slack channel for discussing studio matters amongst employees. Everyone is free to say whatever they want. Since the beginning of the year, the daily conversation has been dominated by complaints about the food. I agree with most of the complaints.

This week, I tried the beef chili twice, and each time it was too salty to eat. It was disgusting. In between that, I had a chicken orzo soup one day. That soup was so bland, it almost seemed like someone had tried to make it taste like nothing. I don’t know how you can go from too salty to no salt in the same week.

The meals and entrees seem to want to remove choice from the employees. You can no longer choose what sides you want for an entree. Before you could choose a starch or no veggies, or just veggies, or both. Now, you just get whatever they want to give you. Often, entrees will come with two starch sides and no vegetables. That’s not really healthy.

I’ve decided to get just get prepackaged salads from now on. These things are consistent in their quality, are healthy, and while they don’t taste all that wonderful, it’s cheaper and better for me.

I hope I can lose some weight going forward as well.

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