As another sign that I’m getting old or perhaps I am already there, I bought a pill case today. I am very inconsistent in taking my daily vitamin D, zinc, and fish oil pills. Some days, I remember to take all three but some days I only take one of them, or some days I don’t take any of them.

To help combat this inconsistency, I got a pill case. The first time I saw a pill case was when I was much younger and it belonged to an old person, a senior citizen. Since then, I’ve associated a pill case with ancient human beings. Now I have one of these things.


On Saturday, I noticed a bird had pooped on my the roof of my car. The present that the bird left had dried and was caked on. I made a mental note to perhaps visit the car wash this week to clean it off and also clean out my floor mats.

Today, I had to go driving in some of the most torrential rains I’ve seen in years. At one point, I had to put my wipers on as fast as it could go. Now this might not have been surprising if I was driving at highway speeds but this was necessary at a relatively tame 50 km/hr. There was just an incredible amount of water dumped into the city at an alarming rate.

When I returned home this evening, I noticed the dried bird poop on the roof my car was gone. There was not even a hint of it anywhere. The rain had come down so hard, it was enough to wash off dried bird poop. I can only imagine all the rest of the dirt it managed to get off elsewhere. No need to visit the car wash this week.


I have some junk removal people coming over tomorrow afternoon to remove the carpet, underpad, tack strips, and various bits of debris that I want to get rid of from my apartment.

It’s such a pain in the ass to move or remove large volumes of stuff in my building. With only two elevators, I feel for the dudes who are coming. I specifically chose a day where no one is moving so I’ll know at least two elevators will be available.

I’ll be impressed if they can remove all the junk in three trips. My apartment will be so much less cluttered after all that crap is gone.


I have been to two restaurants now that checked my vaccine status and my ID. At first it’s a bit weird showing new forms of identification but then I realized it’s an assurance that the people in the restaurant with me, eating and drinking with their masks off, are most likely vaccinated, just like me. I say “most likely” because there’s always a chance some moron has found a way to fake their status.

Before, you couldn’t tell who was or wasn’t vaccinated, but sitting in these two restaurants, I felt more assured than before that it was safer to be inside and enjoying a meal.

I am looking forward to feeling safer in more situations as time progresses.


Someone told me that when they took an antihistamine, they stopped producing that bothersome phlegm that you sometimes get. This person wasn’t a doctor but I did have a Claritin handy, so I decided to give it a try.

Hours later, I am definitely less phlegmy but it’s hard to say if that wouldn’t have happened without the pill anyways. This isn’t something I’ll try very often but it was an interesting experiment.


I’m still unsure if I’ll be going to Florida in November. New cases counts are still hovering around 10k cases per day. Only 56% of the state is fully vaccinated and just 66% have got a single shot. Over 50k have died from the pandemic in that state. In comparison, in this province over 70% are fully vaccinated and 77% have at least one dose.

I’ll probably make a final decision at the beginning of October.


It’s mid-September and autumn is pushing its way into the picture. The temperatures overnight cooled enough that I had to close my windows from fully open to something much more reasonable. When I woke up this morning, it was too cool to just lounge around in a t-shirt, so I put on a hoodie. I haven’t needed to do that in months.

It’s also a bit too cool to walk around in just shorts if you’re not in direct sunlight either. I was out running some errands today and in the shade, it can be downright chilly. Summer is in full retreat now, especially with the heavy rains that seem to be more frequent as the days go by. Thursday and Friday are gonna be quite stormy apparently.