On Saturday, I noticed a bird had pooped on my the roof of my car. The present that the bird left had dried and was caked on. I made a mental note to perhaps visit the car wash this week to clean it off and also clean out my floor mats.

Today, I had to go driving in some of the most torrential rains I’ve seen in years. At one point, I had to put my wipers on as fast as it could go. Now this might not have been surprising if I was driving at highway speeds but this was necessary at a relatively tame 50 km/hr. There was just an incredible amount of water dumped into the city at an alarming rate.

When I returned home this evening, I noticed the dried bird poop on the roof my car was gone. There was not even a hint of it anywhere. The rain had come down so hard, it was enough to wash off dried bird poop. I can only imagine all the rest of the dirt it managed to get off elsewhere. No need to visit the car wash this week.

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