I was a wuss tonight and I turned on the heat for about two hours. The temperature in my bedroom read 16 degrees Celsius. It felt really cold. I raised the temperature by a single degree and it feels much nicer now. I’ve turned the heat off and I think I’ll be able to sleep better.

The forecast calls for possible snow late Friday night and early Saturday. That will be interesting!


This week has been the coldest temperature-wise since the beginning of the summer. The low is -3 degrees Celsius tonight and with the wind chill, it will feel like -6.

The temperature reading in my bedroom indicates it’s 17 degrees Celsius which seems really chilly but it doesn’t feel too bad actually. So far, I haven’t had to turn on the heat yet.

My walk to work is ok as well. I’m wearing a coat with a nice and thick liner inside. A toque helps as well. I can see some ice on the sidewalks and traditionally, the city of Burnaby rarely salts the sidewalk I walk to work on. It won’t be a big problem until it snows, at which point, that sidewalk becomes a death trap.

I don’t mind the cold weather so far, probably because it hasn’t snowed yet.


I used to view my traffic stats for this blog on a regular basis. I was very interested in how many views I got and which posts were the most popular. Somewhere along the way, that became a lot less important to me.

Tonight, for some reason, I decided to look my traffic stats for the blog. I’m pretty sure it’s not entirely accurate but according to the data that I do have, “Ramen Poops” was my most popular post by views in the last year. Over 800 visits were to that single post alone. I’m guessing there’s a lot of you people out there who get the poops after consuming ramen. Who knew?


On the weekend, I finished watching the first season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. This new Netflix series is the reboot of the original series from the 1980s. I never really watched the original when I was a kid but this reboot was incredibly entertaining.

I appreciated that this cartoon series is modern and reflects a 21st century world and values. Some of the characters have surprising complex backgrounds and relationships with each other. Nearly all the females are drawn in a realistic manner. Gone are the visuals of women with impossibly thin waists and large breasts. Women look like real women in this show.

I think this is a great series for young girls to watch. I hope to see season two in the near future.