Your body doesn’t care what it is doing when it wants to sneeze. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten the urge to sneeze while eating. If you don’t get a napkin or tissue in front of you, you’re essentially going to spray your food out with incredible force.

This morning I had to sneeze in a new situation. I was brushing my teeth. I tried to hold it off but it wouldn’t wait for me. Knowing that I had mouthful of foam, I tried to sneeze directly into the sink, thinking it would contain the spittle, foam, toothpaste, and other mouth nasties. I must have not aimed correctly because my mirror got covered in a wide and large swatch of toothpaste foam. The sink fixture, which is super narrow, barely an inch wide, got covered in the remaining toothpaste. What an amazing shot. All of the toothpaste, right on the fixture.

It took me several minutes to clean up the mess. In hindsight, I should have sneezed into the tub. It would have been much easier to hose down the area there. Anyways, I’ll know for next time.

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