Almost two hours before my alarm was supposed to go off I was awoken by the sound of construction. I had no clue what the sound was, except that it was loud, annoying, and prevented any kind of sleep. I knew it was not pile-driving (the sound of which I’ve endured a lot of in the last year) but that’s all I knew.

The infernal racket lasted until my alarm went off but such an alarm was not necessary this morning as I was already awake. I started the day off in a tired state and I knew it would not be that great of a day. Once I got on the train, I could see from above what was causing the noise. It was equipment that was pumping concrete for the new sidewalks at the new apartment block next door. The bottom of the complex is being finished and I guess the sidewalks are ready to be made.

I’m exhausted now and I hope they did whatever they needed to do today and don’t have to do it again tomorrow.


While those fancy banking folks enjoyed their day off, I went to work today. There was a surprising amount of people at work. I expected more people to take the day off but there was almost the entire team was there.

Lunch time seemed really busy at the cafeteria as well. I was somewhat tempted to work at home today but I’m glad I didn’t. I got a moderate amount of work done at the studio, so overall it was a pretty good day.


I’m about to go to bed and I’m kinda hungry now. I’d love to have a snack but there’s all sorts of reasons not to eat before you go to sleep. First, it’s apparently a great way to get fat. I have heard from many people that eating after certain hour in the evening impacts your weight much more than if you ate the same thing hours earlier. Second, I sometimes get heartburn if I eat something and then lie down to go to sleep.

Oh well, I’m gonna drink some water and head to bed. I’ll eat when I get up tomorrow morning.


Just one more day remains until the long weekend. It’s a three-day long weekend and for government employees and some select private sector ones it’ll be a four-day long weekend.

I always say that I’ll take the Monday off and use a vacation day but I never do, partially because I want to hoard my vacation time for when I really need it. Oh well, since lots of people at work will take Monday off anyways, if I go to work, it should be a quiet day and that won’t be so bad.


There’s a good chance I’ll be working late a few days of the week soon. I worked late one evening last week. For dinner, we could basically choose anything from Skip the Dishes within $15, give or take a dollar or two. Our team, however, suggests three restaurants a week that we should order from, just to make the logistics a bit easier.

I ordered some Indian food and it was damn delicious. I had butter lamb with naan bread. It arrived on time and my food was still hot and tasty. It’s never great to have to work late but at least the food is good.


About two years ago, management decided to renovate some of the older parts of the studio, including the lobby area, which is the first thing visitor see when they walk in. As part of the renovations, they put in a video wall to showcase our city, the studio, and the people who work in the studio.

I remember there was an open “casting call” for employees to come get their picture take for the video wall. It was understood that your photo would be used to showcase who worked at EAV and would be visible to anyone coming through the lobby. I think it took a while for enough people to volunteer to get sufficient photos for a collage.

Anyways, about two weeks ago, a co-worker of mine mentioned to me that there was a guy in the collage in the video wall who was photographed in a “Brazzers” sweatshirt. I thought that was pretty funny, so on a coffee break, we strolled out into the lobby area so I could see for myself. We stood in front of the video wall for a few minutes, with my camera ready to take a photo. I almost missed it but I captured the guy above. Sure enough, it’s a dude wearing a black hoodie with the “Brazzers’ logo emblazoned on front. Look, there’s no doubt people in any company look at porn but to have it advertised this way so publicly is a bit embarrassing. How did this even get past editorial control? Several people would have had to seen this photo and each of these people would have had to allow the photo get to the next phase of making into the collage.

This employee photo might have been up there for up to two years so I decided to maybe HR should know about this. It’s also super convenient that HR is located right next to the video wall itself. So, with picture in hand, my co-worker and I marched into the HR offices. There were three HR ladies there and it was at this point I realized I would have to admit to them that I knew what “Brazzers” was. Whoops, maybe I should have let me co-worker talk instead. I pressed on however and said, “Hello. I have a photo here of someone on the video wall who is wearing a sweatshirt with the logo of a pornographic company on it. I wasn’t aware that this company even existed until today, let alone their business function but I was told that’s what they do. Maybe we should not have his photo on the wall.

I don’t think those ladies bought it but they did ask to see the photo. As soon as they looked at the photo, they knew someone else had to take action. They called for someone more senior to come speak to me. A few minutes later, another HR person arrived, and again, I had to explain what I saw and that I didn’t know what “Brazzers” was until today. They said they would definitely take care of this.

It’s been weeks now and I don’t know if that photo has been removed. How long was that up?


This feels like it has been a long week. I’m very tired and have woken up each morning feeling like I could sleep for another three hours. The good thing is it’s Friday tomorrow. Time for some sleeping in soon.


I had one of those odd days where I had to poop three times but I wasn’t sick or ill. I simple had that much poop in me. I went once before lunch. Then right before I left work I went again. I then had my final poop after I got home.

I didn’t feel ill or had any gastrointestinal problems all day. I suppose I was just really backed up. Thanks for reading about my bowel habits.


Today I tried something new for lunch. Instead of my regular turkey sandwich on cranberry bread, I tried some sorta pork loin in pita bread with melted mozzarella cheese. It looked good but it wasn’t great either. It was basically “meh”. The pork loin was kinda dry and tasteless, like it wasn’t marinated or seasoned before cooking. The whole sandwich was just bland in general. I’m going back to my dependable turkey tomorrow.