As luck would have it, my home Internet connection crapped out before I could write my blog post tonight. I restarted my modem five times already and nothing seems to work.

I’m stuck with my cell phone data connection which sucks since it’s slow. Worse yet, I’m typing this on my cell phone. Writing anything long form on a tiny virtual keyboard is quite inefficient.

As an exercise, let’s think back to a time before the blesses Internet. You only had network television, books, and your stupid imagination to amuse yourself. What a terrible time that was. I hope my Internet is fixed by tomorrow morning.


In a recent post, I shared with you a website called YouPak that allowed you to view YouTube videos without having any regional restrictions from blocking you. One of the great things for me was that the site allowed me to embed such videos in my posts.

The site, unfortunately, has gone through some changes. The first was a name change, with it now being called EachVideo. That didn’t really bother me but another change did. The site no longer allows you to embed videos on web pages or blog posts. The link to the video is now the only thing that can be shared and viewers must now go to the web site directly to see the video. That kinda sucks. I wonder if this was something they did or if Google forced them to do it (either directly or indirectly).

Now, if I had the ability, I would have embedded this new video of Conan O’Brien learning to play polo.


It doesn’t take a lot to get me excited these days. For example I looked at one of my credit card statements yesterday. I saw that Mastercard now recognizes the EA Vancouver cafeteria as a restaurant. Since restaurants is one of my “special” spending categories, I get another 1% off anything I spend at the cafeteria for a total of 2% cash-back. This wasn’t the case before so the payment processor or whatever must have re-classified the cafeteria’s point-of-sale terminals or something.

Anyways, while 2% is not a whole lot, it’s better than paying 2% more right?


The annual EA summer family event was held today. Every time I go to one of these things my main goal is eat copious amounts of free food. I did exactly that today.

For the first time in recent memory, they had corn dogs available. I love corn dogs but I haven’t had one in years since I found out how unhealthy they are. I started with those today. I ate two of them before even most of the studio had made it onto the field. I followed that up with a cheeseburger. Because you just can’t resist them, I decided to eat two whole bags of mini-doughnuts. They were made fresh so they were all hot, moist, and glistening with sugar. So good. I chased it all down with a soda and an apple cider.

You might find this hard to believe but I practiced some restraint this afternoon. I also wanted to eat a bag of kettle corn and a bag of potato chips but I decided I had eaten too much already. It’s back to salads tomorrow.


On Monday, someone on YouTube started streaming episodes of The Family Guy and The Simpsons 24 hours a day without commercials or interruptions.

What they’re doing is obviously illegal as it breaks probably more than one copyright laws. I’m surprised it has been already shutdown by YouTube as it would take just a single phone call or e-mail from Fox to get that done. Nonetheless, the stream is high-quality. I even saw an episode of The Family Guy that I’d never seen before.

Enjoy it while you can!


With the U.S. presidential election campaign in full swing, my thoughts logically turn to wagering and making a bet on the outcome of said election.

I did this for the last Canadian federal election. I bet $100 that Stephen Harper would remain Prime Minister. I did this, of course, as insurance against the most horrible of outcomes, another Conservative regime in Parliament. The thinking was, if it was all going to hell, at least I’d make some money off the result. Of course, that did not happen, I lost $100 and sanity was restored to government.

I’d like to apply the same reasoning to the U.S. election. A Donald Trump presidency would be a million times worse than having Stephen Harper as P.M. for the next few years. Without exaggeration, such a result might be the closest we’ve come to an extinction level crisis as a species.

In any case, Bodog already has the betting proposition up. The odds are heavily in Clinton’s favour. A bet of $100 for her will garner you just a profit of $22. A bet of $100 for Trump would gain you a whopping $325. Obviously Bodog doesn’t think Trump stands a chance. Unfortunately, Bodog is a betting firm and their expertise isn’t politics. In an election as crazy as this, I don’t think you can take anything for granted.

I’ll probably put down $100 for Trump as insurance for the worst of the worst outcomes. If I win, however, I wonder if I’ll even have enough time to enjoy my winnings before it all goes to hell.


As many of you know I worked on three skateboarding games from 2006 to 2010. The last one came out six years ago. Since then, fans of the game have been calling on EA to make another game. They’ve been quite vocal, flooding EA’s social media channels with their requests. Well, one dude, who I’ve called out on his previous BS on this, made a White House petition demanding that the US government take action by pressuring EA to make another game. Website EGM has all the details.

Of course, you write a petition for almost anything using the official White House site and even if you get the 100k signatures, nothing is binding of course. This is, however, quite amusing.


I’ve mentioned this several times but one of the benefits of my all-salad lunch diet at work is an increased amount of energy during the day. I guess the better way to describe it is the absence of that afternoon dip in energy where I used to feel tired and sleepy. I’m sleeping about the same amount as before the new diet, so I’m ruling out increased rest for this benefit. I’ve heard people say that eating well made them feel so much better and I didn’t really understand what they meant. I think I do now.

Anyways, today offered me an opportunity to conduct an experiment. For lunch, there was a team BBQ on the patio at work. I briefly considered not going and sticking to my salad but I decided to attend the BBQ. I wound up eating a cheeseburger with two slices of bacon and two hot dog wieners (without the buns ’cause carbs). I didn’t have any sugary drinks, instead I drank club soda.

The afternoon rolled around and I waited. Despite having quite a large coffee, I felt a huge dip in my energy. I felt tired and I wanted to nap. It really sucked. I don’t think I’ve felt that fatigued at work for about two months.

Obviously this isn’t a very valid scientific experiment. I have one sample size where not all the conditions are controlled. This does, however, reinforce my desire to continue to eat healthy at work. The benefits are worth it!


This morning was not a great one. As with every morning now, I was awoken way before my alarm time by the sounds of pile driving. I was in this weird half-asleep state when my alarm did go off. I was dreaming about something but like with most dreams, I forgot what it was.

I woke up tired and felt like finding some excuse to not go to work. Actually, I don’t need to find an excuse, the excuse is next door and also a block away as well. Two separate pile driving sites!

I was curious this evening to see if anyone else was bothered by the noise. I found the video above. It appears to be taken from my building or very close to it. This isn’t even the construction site next door. This is the one about a block away. Notice how loud it is still.

When will this end?

I was told the name of the movie would not appear on the hotel bill