After the long weekend and then a sick day, this week turned out to be pretty short. Tomorrow is Friday already. The interesting thing is snow is forecasted to fall again Friday morning. I’m not sure if the snow will fall before, during, or after the morning commute. Is there another snow day before the week ends? I shall find out tomorrow.


I saw Dr. Ken Jeong live at the Orpheum on Tuesday night. He was great! His stuff was funny but also personable. A lot of his material was mixed in with a revealing look at his family life and his friendships in the entertainment industry.

At the end, he took medical questions from the audience. I believe only one person actually asked him a real medical question though. Come on people, we should have asked him about our prostates.


I stayed home today because I wasn’t feeling well enough to get my ass to work. It turns out that was a good call on my part. It started snowing just after the lunch hour and it didn’t let up until after dinner time. The roads were a mess by the time the afternoon commute arrived. All the snowed that had been plowed and shoveled away was replaced by this new snowfall.

I tried to do as much work as I could from home and I was actually productive enough get something new working. I’ll need to finish it up tomorrow. My sinuses are still clogged and I’m hacking a fair bit now but I think I should be ok to go to work tomorrow.


It was a long weekend in this province and of course, I got sick late Sunday night with symptoms of a cold. I spent the extra day of the weekend with congested sinuses and a cough. I wasn’t even able to sleep in, since I was so plugged up, it was difficult to stay asleep. I managed to fall back asleep after I propped myself up on some pillows and was upright.

I spent most of the day just cleaning and drinking tea. Now, the work week begins anew and I’m still feeling terrible!


At around 4pm this afternoon, it began to snow again. It was a very light snow at first but half an hour later, it started to come down heavy, with big wet flakes of snow. People at work started to leave in great numbers when that happened.

I stuck around until 5pm before leaving. My bus needs to go up a hill and I was afraid if I waited too long, the new snow would make that hill too treacherous to pass. I wasn’t the only one to think that. When I got to the bus stop, I had to watch five full buses pass me by before there was one with enough space to even stop at my stop.

It was smooth sailing after that but it continued to snow until around 9pm, at which point it turned into rain. The temperature is now above zero and it seems like it’ll stay there overnight. The rains have not subsided, so I imagine I’ll wake up to a slushy mess tomorrow. At least, I’ll be able to get to work though.


I made it to work this morning. The commute was relatively normal but when I walked the five minutes it took to get from the bus stop to the studio, I knew my journey home was going to be an adventure.

Some parts of the sidewalk had been shoveled but not enough that you could make solid contact with the concrete below. It was a combination of slush and a thin layer of hard packed snow. Walking up the street was reasonable but I knew that the slush had all day to freeze up into ice.

On the way home, I reversed my trek and it was treacherous. Sheets of frozen ice covered parts of the sidewalk. It was actually safer to walk on the snow located to the side of the sidewalk because the snow offered more traction. In some areas, there was no snow to go and I had no choice but to risk it on the icy sidewalk it self. I nearly slipped and fell twice. I made a conscious choice to slide across large patches of ice because that felt safer that trying to walk it.

This happens every single year it snows. The municipality never clears the snow properly from the sidewalk and I think it’s pretty dangerous. I overheard one of my coworkers say that she wants to bring a plastic sled with her to work so she can just sled down the sidewalk to the bus stop instead of trying to navigate it on foot. That’s a great and fun idea!


I’ve been working from home for two days now because of the snow. On this second day, I might have been able to get to work. Since so many schools were cancelled, the roads and public transit were apparently very lightly used in the morning. Also, many people decided to just stay home instead of attempting to get to work. Getting home today, however, probably would have been a challenge. It began to snow heavily again in the late afternoon. What were clear roads earlier in the day became covered in snow again in about an hour. One of my coworkers reported that along the road where my bus runs, there were stalled buses and cars that had smashed into curb.

The forecast calls for just a small amount of snow tonight to fall. I’m going to try my best to get to work tomorrow. I think it’ll be possible to get to work in a reasonable and safe manner. Wish me luck!


This morning when I woke up I saw that no snow had fallen overnight. Despite weather warnings for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, no appreciable amount of snow had fallen in any of those days. How wrong those forecasts were I thought!

I had to drive to get some lunch and as luck would have it as soon as I got downstairs to my car, I saw the first few flakes of snow falling from the sky. It was as if nature heard my mocking and now wanted to show me the snow. I didn’t really think it was going to amount to anything however. The flakes coming down were small, light, and weren’t sticking to the ground. As I drove the ten minutes to lunch, my unease began to grow slightly as the snow picked up a bit.

At the restaurant, I had a clear view of the street during lunch and the intensity of the snow ramped up considerably while I ate. The flakes were now huge, in great numbers, and the snow stuck to the ground. It was a bonafide snow storm. I wasted no time in finishing my meal, paying, and getting the hell of out there. Others must have had the same idea because there was quite a line to pay.

Once outside, I saw a sizeable blanket of snow on my windshield. It had accumulated in less than an hour. My wipers were barely able to remove the snow and I really should have used a brush but I wanted to get out of there quick! By now the roads were getting bad by the minute. At a few intersections, I could feel my car sliding a tiny bit. I breathed a sigh of relief once I was able to get my car back into the parking garage.

I spent the next several hours watching the snow continuously come down and just cover the entire city in a thick layer of white. I cancelled a dinner with my parents because it was so cold and roads were terrible. I’m not sure if it’ll be a snow day tomorrow but it’s definitely a non-zero chance.