On the night that the Sedins played their final home game of their careers, I only have one Sedins anecdote to tell. I saw the Sedins live and in-person before most Vancouverites did. I actually was in the FleetCenter arena in Boston when the Sedins were drafted by Brian Burke. I was there to see another draft pick, the brother of a friend of mine. Anyways, I had no idea who these guys were, all I knew was that the Canucks had taken two players at once. Nearly two decades later, Henrik and Daniel are at the end of an illustrious pro-hockey career. I feel lucky to have seen all of that in between.


Rarely do I find a YouTube channel that causes me to want to watch all the videos they’ve uploaded but Shawn Woods has amassed a fascinating library. His videos almost exclusively feature mouse traps, their construction and use. Some of the designs he builds from can be hundreds of years old. Conversely, he also uses 3D-printed parts as well in some of his traps. His videos are both informative and entertaining.

Mr. Woods lives on a farm of some sort, so he has access to all sorts of rodents and pests. I also enjoy the fact that he’s humane when it comes to the animals he catches. For live traps, he’ll always let the pest go. For kill traps, he always ensures the method of extermination is done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I’m off to see how a 400 hundred year-old mouse trap works.


Easter Monday is not a holiday. Every Easter Monday, I proclaim I’m gonna take a vacation day on that day, just like the dozens of people on my team that do the same. Yet every year, I fail to take the vacation day and I wind up having to go to work on Monday like a chump. I gotta wake up early tomorrow, so off to bed I go.


Last week I wrote a post about a survey being sent out to employees at the studio about how satisfied they were with the new food services company running the cafeteria.

I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but there changes visible earlier this week. On Monday morning, the breakfast station for wraps, sandwich, and other prepackaged items turned into “grab and go” just like it was with the last company. The new company, however, decided that it wanted employees to ask them for a wrap or sandwich, they’d then grab the item from the tray (which was right in front of the employee) and then hand it to the employee. It was ridiculous and because the person running the line had to hear what each person wanted, long lines started to form in the morning. Everyone could clearly see the item they wanted but they couldn’t just grab and go. It took three months but they finally changed it back, hopefully because we complained in the survey.

Lastly, the stupid breakfast “potatoes” are now gone. The new company replaced the traditional hash browns with small, whole nugget potatoes which no one I talked to enjoy in the slightest. Like who wants to eat a whole roasted potato for breakfast? So on Monday, actual diced hash browns were available.

I hope there are more changes ahead because they didn’t even touch lunch service which has the most problems.


I’ve written before that Conan took Jordan Schlansky to Italy but the video above actually shows how Conan revealed to Jordan that they would be going. Also, near the end of the video, Jordan does something that has rarely been captured on camera. It’s amazing.


In the video above, Will Ferrell and Joel McHale visit the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. While you might think this is just a comedy showpiece, you’ll actually get to see some really interesting art pieces along the way. You’ll be more cultured by the end of the video.


I know it’s technically “spring” now but the government meteorologists have issued a special weather statement saying that snow is a possibility at some of the higher elevations in the greater Vancouver area.

This evening, I put my fleece liner back into my North Face shell because the temperatures have dipped back to near freezing again. I forget if that groundhog saw his shadow or not but it’s gonna be cold this weekend.


This week EA released Burnout Paradise Remastered, a remastered version of the game with the same name from 2008. I played the hell out of it a decade ago and it’s been one of my favourite racing games of all time.

When I loaded it up on PS4 this week, I was instantly brought back in time ten years ago. I was in my third year of my career as a software engineer and I had only shipped one console game at the time. I was playing the game on my Xbox 360 using the very first LCD monitor I’d ever bought. I remember the game came out in late January, which meant I played it during the winter months. It was cold out but warm inside as I raced around the city. I also remember playing it so much that my ass and legs fell asleep from sitting so long. I distinctly remember getting up on to my chair into a squat position just to move my muscles and to get the blood flowing again.

There are lots of triggers that bring back memories but it’s very cool that video games can also be one of them. I was so young and fresh-faced back then. Ah, good times…

I was told the name of the movie would not appear on the hotel bill