Do you like food, TV shows, and movies? If so, I think I might have some videos for you. Specialty “chef” and filmmaker Andrew Rea makes unique videos on YouTube where he attempts to recreate recipes and food items from popular TV shows and movies.

In the above video, Rea tries to tackle some of the many food items mentioned in Seinfeld, a show that some of you might have seen before. Are you a fan of the muffin top and just the top? Watch the video above. Are you familiar with the “Moistmaker“? You’re in luck as well!


No time for a length post tonight as I was following the results of the provincial election. If you were not aware, this province had a general election today. It was my hope the results would lead to a wholesale regime change and the removal of Christy Clark from political office. Unfortunately, the latest reports indicate this won’t likely happen. I’m disappointed and this will mean this province will continue to head in the wrong direction for many more years.


On the weekend I found myself on that YouTube site when a random video popped on my “recommended” list. I’m not even sure why I clicked it in the first place. The video started out immediately with a dude inside a dumpster. Within a minute or so, I realized this wasn’t just any old dumpster but a dumpster outside a Gamestop store, which sells video games and video game accessories.

Essentially, this dude was dumpster diving but just for the trash that Gamestop threw out. For the next ten minutes or so, I watched this young man empty out the contents of several trash bags, looking for video games, consoles, controllers, and anything game related. The things he wanted he collected off to the side. At the end of the video, he quickly went over all the items he found and wanted to keep.

I’d never seen a video like this before, which combined dump diving and video games. I found myself oddly entertained. Since this gentleman had uploaded over 200 such videos, I kept on watching. At first, I wasn’t even sure why I wanted to see more, I just knew it offered me some unique entertainment.

After viewing about a dozen of these videos, I sorta grasped why I kept on watching and why this channel has over 400k subscribers. The videos have an element of surprise and the unknown. No one knows what’s going to be in the dumpster and in those bags. You watch because it’s random and there could be some amazing free stuff in the dumpster. It’s the same reason why people love watching those shows where they bid on storage lockers. Another reason why the videos are so good is the enthusiasm of the young gentleman who goes into the dumpster almost nightly. He seems genuinely excited each and every night that he makes a video. He’s excited when he finds a free game but he’s also excited when he finds just an empty game case. His joy comes through and you feel his satisfaction.

The videos also reveal a lot about how this particular Gamestop treats their garbage. I’m shocked at the lack of recycling that goes on. When the bags are emptied, you frequently see plastic bottles and aluminum cans. These should not be in the dumpster. They should be separated and put with the recycling. There’s also way too much plastic in the garbage. He frequently finds empty game cases which are made of plastic that can be recycled. There’s also so much paper thrown away that also can be recycled. If I were Gamestop and saw these videos I’d be embarrassed how much waste goes into the garbage. Their corporate recycling program either must be terrible or terribly enforced.

Anyways, in the above video, I selected one of his dives that turned out to be pretty productive. I hope you enjoy the video in a weird way.


David Letterman is now well into his much deserved retirement but after decades on TV, there’s so much material to reflect upon. One of the best things he put on the air was his viewer mail segment. Back when there was no Twitter nor e-mail, the only way for the public to contact his show was through old fashioned postal mail. Every week he’d answer a few letters from his fans and by gosh, if he answered your letter, that was like winning the lottery. I never got the courage to write Dave a letter but the few times that someone from Vancouver got a letter read on air I was so proud.

In the above special viewer mail segment, Dave went a step further than usual and decided to answer a letter in person. Watch the whole video for a special treat.


I was walking to my bus stop, on my way home this evening. I had perhaps twenty feet to go from the stop when I heard some tires skidding to my right. I looked over and saw a small SUV smash into the rear of another SUV that had been stopped. It was your classic rear-ender. I didn’t see what happened before I heard the tires skidding but it seems like a reasonable guess that the first SUV braked way too late. The rear of the second SUV was all smashed in and the front of first SUV wasn’t in great shape either.

Luckily, it didn’t seem like either driver was hurt as both jumped out immediately to start taking pictures and exchanging information. The dude that got hit seemed really annoyed but he was not overtly angry at the person who hit him. This was no small fender bender though and I predict thousands of dollars in expensive repairs for both cars.

There was no time to gawk any further for me however, as my bus pretty much arrived less than a minute after the crash happened. I wouldn’t say this particular intersection is accident prone but this isn’t the first time I’ve come across an accident in this exact same location.


Stephen Colbert’s ratings for his show have rocketed upwards since an idiot took office in the White House. He regularly has criticized Trump but he recently took it up a notch during one of his monologues. This is some amazing stuff and I really hope the man with a fragile ego saw it.


This morning the Novus technician came by my home to set up my fiber optic Internet connection. He had to do a splice, which I didn’t think was necessary but whatever. He was done in about ten minutes and was gone. The switch over to new connection was basically seamless.

To really test my connection, I started a download of a game that was about 40 Gb in size. On my previous connection, that would have taken a total of 18 hours to finish. From a practical standpoint, that’s a two but probably three day download as I’d have to break it up into chunks of time where I’m not at home. On my new connection, that download was scheduled to be done in three hours. I left it running while I went to work, it was obviously done before I got home.

Now that I have a super-fast connection, monthly data caps are something I need to think about going forward. My download cap is now 400 Gb. Just downloading that game took up more than 10% of my cap in just the first day of the month. Luckily I won’t be downloading a large game every single day of the month but it does illustrate how fast you can burn through your data. On previous connection, I also had a data cap but because it was much slower, the cap was practically impossible to go over. I’d have to purposely try to be downloading at max speed every single second of the day to try to eat up as much data.

I don’t think I’ll have to change my Internet habits too much to stay within the monthly cap. I just have to be wary of wanting to download a new game every single day. These are first-world problems indeed.


I did my taxes on the weekend and I was lucky enough to get a refund. It was much less than a $1000 so I’m not exactly celebrating at this point. If I hadn’t purchased those RRSPs during the year, I probably would have been in worse shape. Well, receiving money if it’s not substantial is still better than owing money right?


Conan visited a YouTube VR lab a few months ago but he didn’t really play a fully fleshed out VR game. This time, Conan returns with another new episode of his Clueless Gamer series, playing Wilson’s Heart, a game for the Oculus Rift. As is common with Conan, he just wants to know how this can lead to VR sex.

I was told the name of the movie would not appear on the hotel bill