In the above video, founder and CEO of Buffy.co, Leo Wang teaches us about the various things we should know about bedding. Though you might not believe a fifteen-minute video about bed sheets would be entertaining and interesting, Wang’s impressive knowledge of bedding and great screen presence makes the time just fly by.


Someone who contracted measles used public transportation last Wednesday while they were contagious. Unfortunately, I was travelling on the same mode of transportation as they were, in the time window that authorities have mentioned.

The chances of me being exposed are unknown. I do know, however, I tend to have really bad luck. Murphy’s Law has applied to me in the past, even when the odds were seemingly tiny for something to go wrong but they did anyways. I’ll know in about two weeks or so if I’ll get sick. I could just quarantine myself just to be sure but would that be necessary?

What I do know is that anti-vaxxers are the scourge of this planet. They represent the worst of the most ignorant parts of humanity. They are dangerous and set us back as a species and as a civilization. When we should be reaching towards new heights of enlightenment as a society, we are being dragged down by the ignorance of those who can’t and won’t learn.


I don’t know how I managed to get a sore back just from sleeping on it but I did exactly that on Saturday night. I woke up on Sunday morning and my lower right side was just aching. It wasn’t a sharp pain but an annoying and persistent ache like I had pulled something.

It definitely got better once I got up but that whole area felt tight all day. I tried to stretch it out and took a nice warm shower to get the muscles there all relaxed. I think that was enough for me to get through the day without any problem.

I have a friend who is a few years younger than I am and he says that he just wakes up sometimes and some random part of his body will just be sore, like he pulled a muscle in that area. This is even after not doing anything physically strenuous for weeks before. Getting old sucks.


I need to get to bed. I’m super tired. Not sure why I didn’t sleep all that great last night. I wasn’t alone though. One of my co-workers had insomnia and decided to just go to work at 5am in the morning. Crazy. He didn’t leave work until 5pm. It was a 12-hour work day for him. Another co-worker napped from 9pm to 11pm. This caused him to not be able to fall asleep again until 5am. He woke up 7am. He did not have a great day.

I will now attempt to sleep.


The men’s washroom on my floor at work is frequently place where I, unfortunately, smell some of the worst odours on campus. I may do my pooping in the individual stalls at cafeteria washrooms but for convenience sake, I go to the men’s washroom. It is convenient but at times, it’s also much more stinky. It’s been that way for years, stinky years.

Last week, I walked into the washroom to relieve myself when I instantly hit with a pleasant surprise. It smelled like fresh and fragrant fruits. Strong hints of mango permeated the air. It wasn’t a clinical and industrial scent either. It honestly smelled great. What was causing this?

When I stepped up to the urinal, I discovered the cause. In the urinal were these new urinal screens that you see above. On the product page from the manufacturer, you can see these screens actually release a scent when water and urine make contact with the screen. They are also designed to minimize splash-back, so you don’t get your own (or someone else’s) pee on your clothes or legs.

I’m hoping they change the fragrance every month. I wonder what “Midnight Sky” smells like? This has made peeing at work a much more enjoyable experience.


I’ve just consumed half a bag of pork rinds and I’m exhausted, not from eating the pork rinds, but from an early morning. I guess I didn’t sleep that well. It’s time to go to bed.


Unless something drastic happens with the weather, I think it’s time to put my humidifier back into storage for another year. The relative humidity is back into the mid-40s again. That’s comfortable enough for me that I don’t need equipment to get more moisture in the air.

Just for fun, here are the most humid cities in the United States. Some cities in the south have average humidity values that range in the 80s. That’s crazy. I bet your skin and hair do well in those regions, even if everything is sticky, matted, and gross.


I went on my first hike of the year today. It was a simple and short hike, from the base of Burnaby Mountain, all the way up to Simon Fraser University. I’ve done this hike before but it was the first time I’ve done it in almost a decade I believe.

This hike is fairly short, taking me only an hour and a bit to get up to the university. It was good enough for me though as I felt super tired after I got back home. I gotta get the sea legs back so to speak. Now that the weather is relatively nicer compared to winter, it’s time to get into better shape.


I don’t anticipate doing a ton of OT on my current project but at least I know the OT meal policy now. The cafeteria at EAV sucks so bad now because they don’t serve hot meals after like 2pm. Hell, they don’t really serve any meals after 2pm. If you’re stuck getting food at the cafeteria for OT, your only choice is these cold, microwavable meals. That just is terrible.

Because it’s so evident that no one would enjoy eating such a thing when you need to work OT, our team is also doing a “Skip the Dishes” order for actual food on evenings where people need to stay a bit longer. We did one order last night because of an important milestone but I don’t think we’ll be doing another for a few weeks.

Good to know there are meal options if I need to stay on the late days.