There is someone who I am Facebook friends with and I want to keep this person’s identity hidden for the purposes of this post. Here’s some background for this person. I have met this person before in real life but I haven’t seen this person in many years. Said person has all the hallmarks of an intelligent person. They have a PhD, Master, and Bachelor degrees in a field that requires critical thinking, pursuit of truth, logic, and an understanding of what is fact and what is fiction.

Now, knowing all that, said person frequently shares things on Facebook that are patently false. Things that instantly should set off your BS meter if you read it and would at least cause you to Google it or do more research. For example, this person shared a photo on Facebook that was easily debunked by just going to Snopes. Hell, the photo didn’t even seem plausible to begin with but she posted it as fact.

Before this, they shared another post in which a foreign politician supposedly repealed some act or law. I’m not even an expert in this foreign country but it didn’t seem like this actually happened. Sure enough, after just five minutes of Googling, I discovered no such thing repeal occurred.

It’s shocking to me that this person just randomly shares falsehoods like this. This person’s job requires them to know what is true and what is not. Research is something they should be an expert on. Without giving away their profession or education, smelling BS should be their core ability they can rely on. Yet, this person’s Facebook timeline looks like someone who didn’t finish high school.

On several occasions, I’ve been really tempted to comment on the post and set them straight, providing links to show them what they shared did not happen or was not true. The problem is I don’t consider this person a real-life friend and just more of an acquaintance. Also, do I really want to call out this person on Facebook in this manner, given her career?

I know this person has the capacity to be intelligent, so I’m wondering if they just choose to shut off their brain on Facebook? I really wish I could understand this more.


Today I learned that a now-bankrupt online retailer that I used to buy from was storing customer data, including credit card numbers, addresses, and phone numbers in plain text on hard drives. When the company went under, it was a mess and these hard drives got into the hands of people that should not have gotten them. Hell, these drives should have been erased once the company was no more.

My info was on those drives and it’s almost certain all that data is now floating around on the digital black market now. I think I might be ok for several reasons. First, is that it’s been probably several years since I placed an order with them. Second, I believe that I lost my wallet after I placed my last order. Because of the lost wallet, I had to replace all my credit cards, thus nullifying my credit card info on those drives. Still, my name and address and other personal info is still there and that’s not a good feeling.


I’m supposed to get a new credit card in the mail this week. I’m actually fairly excited to get this new Visa. I’m going to transfer over all my pre-authorized payments from my other Visa to this one. The old Visa from MBNA had its cash back rewards reduced in half. The new one has better rewards but an annual fee. I did the math and I still come out ahead, even with the annual fee.

I guess I must be getting old if getting a new credit card is the highlight of my week.


Twenty-five years ago today, Conan O’Brien aired his first show in late night television. He looked a bit nervous but you could tell he was going to do great. Everyone looks so young back then.


This evening I began smelling smoke again in my apartment but it doesn’t seem like this is from wildfires hundreds of kilometers away. I checked social media and it appears to be just localized to my area of my local municipality. No one knows where the smoke is coming from though. Weird.


I’ve had diarrhea twice this evening. I’m not sure if it was something I ate, all I know is that I’m glad I was home all night. It’s time for me to go to bed. I hope I don’t poop in my sleep.


This weekend, I was able to get in contact with the person who deals with parking matters in my apartment building. Strangely, she was available on a Saturday. I would think such a position would be a Monday to Friday type thing.

Anyways, I explained the situation to her and she already knew most of what was going on. It didn’t take long for her to say that the ticket would be voided and I didn’t need to worry about it. She took down my contact info and said that someone would either call, text or e-mail me when it was all taken care of. I haven’t received any such notification yet but this was just the first business day since I spoke to her. I’m cautiously optimistic this will turn out ok but when red tape and paperwork is involved, you never really know.