Today I learned that a now-bankrupt online retailer that I used to buy from was storing customer data, including credit card numbers, addresses, and phone numbers in plain text on hard drives. When the company went under, it was a mess and these hard drives got into the hands of people that should not have gotten them. Hell, these drives should have been erased once the company was no more.

My info was on those drives and it’s almost certain all that data is now floating around on the digital black market now. I think I might be ok for several reasons. First, is that it’s been probably several years since I placed an order with them. Second, I believe that I lost my wallet after I placed my last order. Because of the lost wallet, I had to replace all my credit cards, thus nullifying my credit card info on those drives. Still, my name and address and other personal info is still there and that’s not a good feeling.

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