I took the above picture almost three weeks ago, on November 4, just a few days after Halloween. Someone had put up their Christmas tree and lights basically two months before Christmas Day. My first reaction was that it was too early for a tree to go up and for Christmas decorations to appear. That reaction stayed in my head for about ten seconds when I changed my mind.

This has been a very different and difficult year for many people. I don’t know what others have gone through in the last few months. We’re all just trying to survive and do our best until better days are here. If putting up a tree and lights a few weeks early can bring this family a little more joy in their lives, then I cannot blame them. I hope their holidays are as happy as they wish them to be.

We’re all trying to cope as best as we can and it’s important not to be critical about the little things right now.


This afternoon, the government of British Columbia introduced new restrictions to attempt to curb the direction of that the pandemic is going in this province. I welcome these new measures and while many in B.C. will whine, the restrictions aren’t even approaching the strictness that other jurisdictions are under. Some countries have locked down hard with severe penalties for those who don’t comply.

I’m of the opinion that we need to look at even more measures, with the some enforcement to back it up. It’s no good to list all the things you can’t do when there’s no one to keep people in line. The reason why we’re in this current predicament in the first place is because of morons who can’t or won’t get with the program.

This might be shaping up to be a pretty terrible holiday season.


Last week, my employer sent out an e-mail saying that they would no longer be accepting personal packages sent to the office. Beyond a specific date in the next two weeks, any such packages will be returned to sender.

Apparently the mail room is now running out of space because of all the packages stored since people started working from home. My question is, who is still sending packages to work when you can’t even get access to the studio? It’s been eight months now since all this started, you figure most people would have changed their shipping address on Amazon.

Speaking of work, there will undoubtedly be no holiday party this year. Since the company’s fortunes turned around 2013, we’ve had a party in either December or January. With the world the way it is now, there’s no way an event with 1000+ people would be possible. Well, in the grand scheme of things, a small sacrifice.


Through WarnerMedia today, Conan O’Brien announced he’ll be ending his current show on TBS on June 2021 and then moving to a weekly show on HBO Max, which is a streaming service. It’s unclear if his new show will feature an audience.

Given that his current gig will end in June 2021, there is some doubt if the United States will be in a position where he can safely bring back audience members by then. It will mark his twenty-eighth year of hosting a late night talk show, which is incredible. Given the changing landscape of television and the way we consume entertainment, it’s unlikely many will be able to match this feat.

I look forward to Conan’s new show.


On Friday afternoon, I headed back to the studio to get my company-resourced flu shot. Flu shots are in short supply this year and I’m thankful my employer arranged for us to get our shot and for free. I’ve now been to my workplace just twice since mid-March of 2020.

Getting the flu shot was quick and painless. I would have been in and out of there in five minutes but I was asked to stay in the lobby for 15 minutes after the shot to ensure I didn’t have a bad reaction to it.

Before leaving, everyone who got their flu shot was offered a small care package from the company. In it was an EA branded stress ball, EA branded lip balm, EA branded mints, EA branded candle, EA branded hand sanitizer, ginger lemon tea bags, and oddly ginger chew candies.

I’ve never had ginger chew candies before, so these were of great interest to me. When I think of candy, I don’t immediately think of ginger. I tried one and I didn’t immediately like it. The ginger is kinda spicy. After eating two more though, I understand why people enjoy them. Apparently, there are some medicinal benefits to ginger as well, so it’s a relatively healthy candy. I’d like to see if children would enjoy them. I’m betting they wouldn’t. This is more of an old person thing and I am old as well.


On Tuesday morning I went to turn on my desktop computer to begin the work day when I noticed Windows was not starting. Instead, I saw the BIOS screen saying it was trying to repair the boot drive. I immediately knew this was not good. Whatever it tried to fix the drive finished and it began the start up sequence again. Nothing happened. It took me a minute to figure out that it appeared that Windows had basically vanished as far as my computer knew. Did the boot drive fail? I could still see it in the list of drives, so that wasn’t it.

I had about 15 minutes before my first meeting and I knew this wasn’t the type of thing you fixed in 15 minutes. So, I was resigned to using my laptop for the day. I didn’t even bother trying to fix my desktop for the rest of the day.

As some of you might remember, my desktop also had some sorta of failure at the beginning of the pandemic. It also prevented me from getting into Windows. This was on a different drive however, plugged into a different slot, with a different interface.

Luckily, Wednesday was a holiday, which gave me some time to figure out that re-installing Windows was my only option. While re-installing was relatively painless, I have to now re-install all my programs and games that I previously had. What a huge hassle and a waste of time.

There’s something weird going on because these type of errors shouldn’t be happening less than a year apart. If I had to guess, there some sorta of power fluctuation going that’s causing these errors. It could be either the power supply, the motherboard which distributes the power to certain components (like my current boot drive), or perhaps the powerbar that my computer is plugged into.

I’ve learned my lesson as once everything is set up again, I will make a Windows 10 backup. I might also just get a new power supply. It can’t hurt, even though replacing a power supply is a tedious task.

I’m just glad I have my laptop as a backup computing device. I can’t believe that I once thought it was a non-essential purchase. This laptop has saved me from many potential headaches.


I was driving home from my parents’ place on Tuesday evening when I could see the lights from at least one police car from several blocks away. Was it an accident, road block, or a DUI check?

When I got to the intersection, it was something a little more unique. This particular area of the municipality has been plagued by closed roads due to construction. The local hospital is expanding and as such, it apparently required a new sewer line to be installed. The roads around the hospital have been closed for months, requiring traffic to be detoured around, sometimes inconveniently. In my case, it adds about ten minutes to my drive to my parents’ home.

Now, when I got to the intersection where the police were, I need to take a right-hand turn. Unfortunately, that was not possible as it was all blocked off. I could see a semi-trailer truck had already attempted to make the right-hand turn and failed in a spectacular way. Whoever was the driver took the turn way too tightly and the trailer mounted the sidewalk and was rubbing up against the traffic light pole. I guess the driver got stuck at this point and couldn’t move forward or backwards. If there was one thing they did right was that they didn’t make it worse once they got themselves into this jam.

That turn is pretty tight though and it doesn’t require a veteran trucker to know a trailer that long wouldn’t be able to make it. The road I was on has a left-hand turn lane, a through lane and a right-hand turn lane. Just by looking at the length of that trailer, I’d say the driver would have needed to make the right turn from the left-hand turn lane to have enough clearance for the trailer. How they thought it was going to be possible from the right-hand turn lane is a mystery to me.

This new detour on top of the regularly closed roads made me alter my route home unexpectedly but it wasn’t that bad. I don’t envy truck drivers. It’s a thankless job with a lot of negatives without a lot of positives that outweigh them. I wonder how they were able to get this trailer out of this mess.