It’s been abundantly clear now that many, if not all, company holiday parties will not be happening this year. Well, my employer just announced what they’ll be doing instead for us employees. They plan on holding events on three separate days from 11am-6pm each day. This is a list of things that employees will get or participate in:

  • Alcohol Package Delivery
  • Uber Eats E-Voucher  
  • Virtual Cooking Classes with Delivered Ingredients
  • Holiday Dance Classes for all abilities  
  • Interactive Game Shows 
  • Michael the Magician
  • Vancouver Theatre Sports Improv Show
  • #1 Worldwide Bestselling Online Show – Sangria and Secrets Drag Show
  • Holiday Storytelling Event 
  • Daily Dress up themes
  • WFH Bingo : Holiday Edition
  • Prizes
  • More!

Of course, all of this voluntary and there is no pressure to partake in any of this. Employees are encouraged to do as little or as much as they want. Personally, I signed for a gin-based cocktail kit to be delivered to my home. I also signed up for a cooking class. I believe I’m getting ingredients for a chicken pot pie.

This is super nice of my employer to do this. As you might imagine from looking at this list, this took an amazing amount of planning, consideration, coordination, logistics, and of course, money. Remember that a couple thousand employees work in my particular location and these events need to scale up to that.

I feel lucky to be participating in this, given the circumstances here and worldwide.

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