After reading what I found on the Internet, I was led to believe the plants I bought wouldn’t need that much watering but it seems like isn’t exactly true. The sansevieria plant I have in particular needs to be watered more than the every three weeks or so that I was led to believe. I’ve taken to watering it every other day and it seems like this is what it needs, at least for the short term. I’m sure it’s a combination of weather and it’s previously dry condition that has led us to this point. The shriveled and brown tips have continued to become less shriveled and green now as I increase the frequency of watering. I will probably keep this up until it looks a bit more healthier.

The dracaena marginata plants I have seem to be fairing a bit better, so I have watered them less, but I still try to keep the soil moist and not bone dry.

We’ll see how the next couple of weeks play out as the summer draws to a close.


I came home this evening to find that I had a round booger hanging out near the entrance to my right nostril. I have no idea how long it had been there but I know for sure I had it while I was commuting home and most likely for several hours at work.

If it had been resting against the surface of my nostril it might have not been noticed but as luck would have it, the booger had managed to balance itself on the end of a nose hair, making it quite visible.

If it were only socially acceptable to pick your nose at work, I would not have had this problem today.


So I’ve done so much OT this month that I’ve saved an amazing amount of money on food and dinner. I have a credit card that I use mainly for restaurants and places where they sell food. I just paid the balance for this month and the balance is 60% of what it usually is on average.

It’s not great doing OT but I’ve gotten a lot of meals from restaurants I’ve never tried before. I had an empanada for the first time this month. When OT is over, I now have lots of extra money to go out to eat!


It’s been about two weeks since I bought some plants home to liven up my apartment. Surprisingly, I haven’t killed any of them yet. The sansevieria though needed a bit more attention than my dracaena marginata plants. The tips of some of sansevieria spears were beginning to shrivel up and turn white or brown. This surprised me because the soil seemed to be still a bit moist from the store. I gave it a thorough watering and after a few days, the tips appear to be less shrivelled and retaining more colour. I’ll probably keep watering weekly in the summer rather than every other week as I had imagined.


I was at the dollar store this week and I noticed they were selling large boxes of Cheerios for $1.25. Cereal is usually expensive, so to see Cheerios on sale for less than $2 was amazing. I thought there would be a catch or something, like these boxes were going to expire tomorrow. I checked the dates and most of them would be good until 2020.

I bought a box, opened it up at home to begin snacking, and like most things I regret, it all went downhill once I put it in my mouth. These were original Cheerios, not Honey Nut Cheerios. Without the extra sugar that makes Honey Nut Cheerios one of the best cereals in the world, all I got were some bland sawdust inner tubes in my mouth. Bleh.

I gotta think of a way to use them in a recipe somehow or else it’ll all just go to waste. Maybe I can crush them and use the Cheerios dust in a batter of some sort?


I really need a good night of sleep and for the first time in months, I took half a sleeping pill to ensure my restfulness. I used to take sleeping pills quite regularly but I felt like it was unnecessary so I stopped. The packaging also stated taking such pills were supposed to be a temporary thing and not be taken long-term.

After being off these pills for a long time, even half a pill is making me really sleepy already. I’m gonna crawl into bed now.


I have a friend and co-worker who gives me some friendly ribbing that I haven’t bought anything from Amazon in over two months. Most of us at work have our Amazon packages delivered to the studio so we’re able to get the packages without having to go to a pick-up point or post office. My friend has noticed I haven’t had to go to the mail room in many weeks.

The mail room at work gets dozens of Amazon packages a day and that’s not counting the packages that are for official studio business. It’s true that I haven’t ordered something from Amazon for two months now. For 2019, I’ve averaged at least one package a month until very recently. I haven’t felt the need to buy anything lately. I don’t feel bad about that either.

I have another co-worker, who I don’t know very well, but I’ve seen him pick up Amazon packages almost daily. So many things from Amazon! I wonder what those things are.

Let’s see if I can go four months without needing anything Amazon.


It’s nearly the end of July but for the first time this summer, I went outside and it actually felt hot to me. It was that authentic summer time heat where you feel the sweats coming on within a minute of walking into it.

My bedroom thermometer reads 25 degrees Celsius right now and hopefully I won’t have too much trouble sleeping tonight. There should be another day of the good weather before the clouds roll back in and muddy things up again.


A friend of mine just bought a used car on the weekend. I knew he was intending to another car as his old one was having lots of problems. I know he had done a bit of research of which models interested him and were good buys as a used car. I also knew that he did not have a particular vehicle in mind to purchase when he entered the weekend. That is, he saw the vehicle he bought for the first time on the weekend.

He saw it, test drove it, and bought it, all within 48 hours. Crazy. Maybe I’m thinking about it too much but I’m not sure I could lay down that much money for something I just saw that weekend. Sure, if it was a slam dunk, no-brainer good deal but how often does that happen?

I wish I could have the audacity and financial freedom to just go out and buy a car in a single weekend but I’m afraid of getting a lemon that will turn into a money sink.

I can’t wait to get a ride in my friend’s new vehicle though!