I have a friend and co-worker who gives me some friendly ribbing that I haven’t bought anything from Amazon in over two months. Most of us at work have our Amazon packages delivered to the studio so we’re able to get the packages without having to go to a pick-up point or post office. My friend has noticed I haven’t had to go to the mail room in many weeks.

The mail room at work gets dozens of Amazon packages a day and that’s not counting the packages that are for official studio business. It’s true that I haven’t ordered something from Amazon for two months now. For 2019, I’ve averaged at least one package a month until very recently. I haven’t felt the need to buy anything lately. I don’t feel bad about that either.

I have another co-worker, who I don’t know very well, but I’ve seen him pick up Amazon packages almost daily. So many things from Amazon! I wonder what those things are.

Let’s see if I can go four months without needing anything Amazon.

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