I know a few weeks ago I bemoaned the cold and rainy April days but it’s been hot enough this week that I’ve wrestled with the idea of not wearing a jacket to work. Shocking, I know.

It will rain again this weekend but before that, the highs for the rest of the week will flirt dangerously with the 20 degrees mark. People have started to wear shorts at work. My shorts need to be laundered first but I might be able to wear them on Friday.

Pleasant days are ahead!


I have a throwaway Yahoo email account I use for spam. The name on the account isn’t even my name. I used an Anglo-Saxon, white person name instead. The account is used for when I sign up for stupid contests and sites where I need to register for things that really don’t need registering.

The email account is signed in on my phone’s browser but nowhere else. It’s been signed in for like almost two years. I never have to enter in the password. I just realized today I have forgotten the password and I declined to enter in any recovery info. Just for fun, I tried signing in on my computer tonight and I have no clue what my last password was.

My phone is the only way to access that account now. It’s not the end of the world if I lose that account but this is definitely shows you how fragile online access is. It also shows you how there are too many accounts for people to keep track of now.


I’ve incorporated a bit of running into my exercise routine. The weather, while not sunny usually, has gotten warm enough that one can be outside in shorts and still exercise without freezing your testicles off. I’m not much of a runner, so the longest I’ve run is about fifteen minutes continuously (more or less). I run partially in a parkade near the water, then wind my way down to the waterfront park where I get a view of the river.

Running is great for cardio, which I tend to favour over weight training. I run about once a week, which isn’t a lot but more than I’ve done in a long time. I hope to keep it up during the summer.


Did you ever want to know what it’s like to fly the full seventeen hours from London to Perth? Wonder no more! Someone actually captured every single second of that flight from their seat. What amazing dedication. The footage isn’t great at all times unfortunately but perhaps it would be wrong to expect something entertaining during the entire time. For about an eight hour stretch, the video basically just shows a black screen. This is when the sun has gone down and the cabin lights have been turned off or dimmed. Eight hours! You could put the video on, go to sleep, and then wake up and not missed too much.

Seventeen hours in a plane in economy would drive me crazy. I’m not sure if I could do it.


There’s a Shoppers Drug Mart right below where I live. It’s very convenient to have a drug store nearby. The neighbourhood where I live is being gentrified and it’s become amazingly better in course of 15 years ago. It’s used to be crack central. Anyways, it’s still rough around the edges here and there, especially since I live over a transit hub where the trains and buses make it easy for people to come and go. As such, there can be a lot of shoplifting in the retails stores downstairs.

To prevent this, I’ve now recognized plain clothed loss prevention officers that work in the drug store. I go to the drug store enough to recognize one LPO in particular. If you’re observant, it’s easy to see them working. They dress in normal clothing so they look like just regular customers. They might be holding one or two items in their hand so they don’t look suspicious. They’re not shopping however. They’ll be watching people who they might be stealing. Usually they’ll be at the end of aisle so they can look like they’re examining something on a shelf but they’re actually looking down the aisle at their subject.

So I’ve seen this one LPO so many times. He’s always at the store. Once you see him, it’s hard to forget what he looks like. He’s at least six feet tall and handsome. He could be a male model if he wanted to be. He has this amazing head of dark, coiffed hair. Usually he also has just enough five o’clock shadow to add some rugged handsomeness to his look. I don’t know what his ethnicity is exactly but I’d have to guess somewhere from the Middle East, though his complexion is lighter. Whenever I see him, he’s also got this intense look on him. I’m trying but words can’t really express his fiery expression.

Well, anyways it may seem like I have this huge crush on this guy but I don’t. I’m not gay or anything but I am comfortable enough in my sexuality to acknowledge when another dude has it totally going on. Alright, I hope no one from work reads this.


It’s the middle of April and we’re into the spring season but it’s been miserable weather so far. I get that April showers is a thing but the lows have been four or five degrees Celsius each night for the last week or so. With the driving rain (not the delightful spring sprinkles), it makes for a really grey and depressing spring.

This probably means the sunshine is still a long ways away. It maybe one of those summers where the sun comes out in late June.


This evening I went to a restaurant called the Smoking Pig for dinner. This place is right next to a Hell’s Angels clubhouse, so I was somewhat leery of parking in a spot that wasn’t going to get anyone mad. The location is kinda off the beaten path but the reviews for this place are really good. There were people constantly coming in while I was dining.

The food itself is great. I had their standard ramen bowl which was easily better tasting, larger, cheaper, and had more ingredients than the ramen place that is just downstairs from where I live. It had large chunks of tender pork, corn, green onion, homemade noodles, a whole egg, green veggies and a broth that was not overly salty, which allowed you to really taste the flavours. I was stuffed when I finished my bowl.

The menu is very interesting and I want to come back and try other things. They have this smoked pork dish which has great reviews. They also make this special ramen that needs 24 hours advanced notice.

Overall, I was impressed by the food and will come back to sample the other menu items.