This evening I went to a restaurant called the Smoking Pig for dinner. This place is right next to a Hell’s Angels clubhouse, so I was somewhat leery of parking in a spot that wasn’t going to get anyone mad. The location is kinda off the beaten path but the reviews for this place are really good. There were people constantly coming in while I was dining.

The food itself is great. I had their standard ramen bowl which was easily better tasting, larger, cheaper, and had more ingredients than the ramen place that is just downstairs from where I live. It had large chunks of tender pork, corn, green onion, homemade noodles, a whole egg, green veggies and a broth that was not overly salty, which allowed you to really taste the flavours. I was stuffed when I finished my bowl.

The menu is very interesting and I want to come back and try other things. They have this smoked pork dish which has great reviews. They also make this special ramen that needs 24 hours advanced notice.

Overall, I was impressed by the food and will come back to sample the other menu items.

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