I have a throwaway Yahoo email account I use for spam. The name on the account isn’t even my name. I used an Anglo-Saxon, white person name instead. The account is used for when I sign up for stupid contests and sites where I need to register for things that really don’t need registering.

The email account is signed in on my phone’s browser but nowhere else. It’s been signed in for like almost two years. I never have to enter in the password. I just realized today I have forgotten the password and I declined to enter in any recovery info. Just for fun, I tried signing in on my computer tonight and I have no clue what my last password was.

My phone is the only way to access that account now. It’s not the end of the world if I lose that account but this is definitely shows you how fragile online access is. It also shows you how there are too many accounts for people to keep track of now.

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