I was at the dollar store this week and I noticed they were selling large boxes of Cheerios for $1.25. Cereal is usually expensive, so to see Cheerios on sale for less than $2 was amazing. I thought there would be a catch or something, like these boxes were going to expire tomorrow. I checked the dates and most of them would be good until 2020.

I bought a box, opened it up at home to begin snacking, and like most things I regret, it all went downhill once I put it in my mouth. These were original Cheerios, not Honey Nut Cheerios. Without the extra sugar that makes Honey Nut Cheerios one of the best cereals in the world, all I got were some bland sawdust inner tubes in my mouth. Bleh.

I gotta think of a way to use them in a recipe somehow or else it’ll all just go to waste. Maybe I can crush them and use the Cheerios dust in a batter of some sort?

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