This evening I began smelling smoke again in my apartment but it doesn’t seem like this is from wildfires hundreds of kilometers away. I checked social media and it appears to be just localized to my area of my local municipality. No one knows where the smoke is coming from though. Weird.


I’ve had diarrhea twice this evening. I’m not sure if it was something I ate, all I know is that I’m glad I was home all night. It’s time for me to go to bed. I hope I don’t poop in my sleep.


This weekend, I was able to get in contact with the person who deals with parking matters in my apartment building. Strangely, she was available on a Saturday. I would think such a position would be a Monday to Friday type thing.

Anyways, I explained the situation to her and she already knew most of what was going on. It didn’t take long for her to say that the ticket would be voided and I didn’t need to worry about it. She took down my contact info and said that someone would either call, text or e-mail me when it was all taken care of. I haven’t received any such notification yet but this was just the first business day since I spoke to her. I’m cautiously optimistic this will turn out ok but when red tape and paperwork is involved, you never really know.


It started raining hard this weekend, the type of sustained rain that I haven’t seen since before the summer began. The temperatures also dropped enough that I felt like closing my windows slightly. I even needed to wear a jacket outside today.

One of the things I’ll never get used to is how quickly summer ends and fall weather begins here in Vancouver. You’ll be wearing shorts on week and then the next you’ll be forced into long pants and jackets immediately. There’s no gradual change, just a sudden switch and we’re into fall. It’s going to rain every single day of the week and into Saturday. Dreary days are here again.


This morning, I went to the office where I supposedly could get my parking ticket cancelled. There was no one there. The door was locked and the lights were closed. I wasn’t going to stick around and wait as I had to go to work. There was no telling how long I’d have to wait.

I called the property manager to find out when the office was supposed to be open and what hours they had. He never called me back today. After all this, in the eyes of Impark, I still owe them money. This is so frustrating.


Yesterday I got a parking ticket while parked in my own secure parking garage at home. This week they are power-washing the whole parking garage. Each day they clean a different level of the parking structure. The level where I park is the level they cleaned yesterday. The property management company requests everyone move their cars from their spot for the day so the cleaning can be comprehensive. As a courtesy, we’re allowed to move our cars to an empty spot in one of the other levels, just for this week. Normally, we’re assigned to a particular level and spot but for power-washing week, we can park where ever. This is how it’s been done for entire lifetime of this building, seven years in total thus far with no problems.

I arrived at my car after work yesterday to find a ticket on my windshield. The stupid people at Impark ticketed my car. The offense was not parking in my spot. Well, duh, no one was able to park in their spots on my level. It was a $75 fine. I was quite annoyed.

It was too late to take this up with the property manager as it was after business hours but I left him a voicemail. This morning he called me back and I told him what happened. He said I should have never been ticketed and people patrolling our parking structure were in the wrong. The ticket can be cancelled but I need to go visit some property management office down the street tomorrow morning. The people there will talk to Impark and get this taken care of for me. This is a hassle that I shouldn’t have to deal with but that’s life.

Oh by the way, I think Impark sucks.


My home Internet service is undergoing emergency maintenance tonight so I’m limited to my mobile connection on my phone.

I hope everyone had a good long weekend. The highlight of my day was pooping twice at work. I’m also glad it’s a short week. I’ll be back tomorrow with full Internet access.


Tomorrow students head back to school and the roads and traffic becomes a madhouse again. My commute has been fairly nice all summer and I haven’t had to stand on the bus for many months now. That will probably change starting tomorrow as students start school again.

The weather has already started to cool down. It seems like it was just yesterday when we were enduring heat waves with temperatures near 30. The high will be just 21 tomorrow and rain is in the forecast at the end of the week. The dreary grey will return again soon.

Alright, I’m going to bed now.