Yesterday I got a parking ticket while parked in my own secure parking garage at home. This week they are power-washing the whole parking garage. Each day they clean a different level of the parking structure. The level where I park is the level they cleaned yesterday. The property management company requests everyone move their cars from their spot for the day so the cleaning can be comprehensive. As a courtesy, we’re allowed to move our cars to an empty spot in one of the other levels, just for this week. Normally, we’re assigned to a particular level and spot but for power-washing week, we can park where ever. This is how it’s been done for entire lifetime of this building, seven years in total thus far with no problems.

I arrived at my car after work yesterday to find a ticket on my windshield. The stupid people at Impark ticketed my car. The offense was not parking in my spot. Well, duh, no one was able to park in their spots on my level. It was a $75 fine. I was quite annoyed.

It was too late to take this up with the property manager as it was after business hours but I left him a voicemail. This morning he called me back and I told him what happened. He said I should have never been ticketed and people patrolling our parking structure were in the wrong. The ticket can be cancelled but I need to go visit some property management office down the street tomorrow morning. The people there will talk to Impark and get this taken care of for me. This is a hassle that I shouldn’t have to deal with but that’s life.

Oh by the way, I think Impark sucks.

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