At work today, around lunch time, an artist on my team sent out an e-mail to the engineers on the team, plus a few other artists. He was informing us that one of the pipelines for the art data seemed to be broken. The message itself wasn’t out of ordinary as we’re doing lots of new things. Less than a minute after I got that e-mail, I received another message from the artist, addressed to the same people, with the same subject line. The message body from the last message was still there, the only difference being the additional of a new sentence. I’ll paraphrase the sentence here, just so that I can protect some identities:

“I’ll meet you guys by the elevator, I just need to go take a massive dump in the bathroom first.”

Whoops. I immediately knew that wasn’t meant for the 15+ engineers on our team, plus whatever artists that were also involved. Since it was around noon, he must have intended the message for a few co-workers, most of whom he was probably on really friendly terms with. I kinda laughed but whatever, I’ve seen some pretty hilarious and unintended e-mails get sent out at work.

More than an hour passes and after lunch, the artist e-mails the same people again. In this newest message, he tells us the previous message was clearly not intended to go out to so many people and that he was extremely embarrassed. Too funny.

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