I cancelled my Netflix subscription a few weeks ago. I did this for several reasons. First, I realized that I am subscribed to too many streaming services. Back in the day, Netflix was basically the only streaming service around, so it just made sense to subscribe to it if you wanted to have streaming entertainment. Fast forward to the present and I’m now paying for Netflix, Discovery+, Disney+, Apple TV+, Prime Video, and Crave. Each of these costs anywhere between $10 to over $20 a month. All of that adds up to an appreciable amount of money dedicated to just streaming entertainment. The thing is, I don’t have nearly enough time to watch shows from each of these services on a weekly or even monthly basis.

Second, I realized that it had been three months since I’d even started the Netflix app on my TV. There was nothing on Netflix that I really wanted to see. There were no shows nor original movies on Netflix that made me think twice about cancelling my subscription. That made it a very easy decision to cancel.

It’s for these reasons that over the last two months or so, I cancelled subscriptions to Netflix, Discovery+, and Apple TV+. I’m keeping Disney+ because I need to finish the last season of The Mandalorian and the latest Ant-Man movie is going to stream there later this month as well. I’m staying with Prime Video because it’s relatively cheaper and also there’s a benefit of being an Amazon Prime member as well. Their entertainment offerings kinda suck but the Amazon Prime shipping perks win me over. Crave is staying because it has a lot of great HBO content and I have about two seasons worth of Picard to watch as well.

Going forward, I might strip it down to just one or two streaming services as a month. I know some people just switch from one service to another per month. For that month, they watch all the episodes of a particular show and then the next month, it’s off to another service to binge episodes of another show there. After this month, the next big release on Disney+ is in late June with Secret Invasion, so there’s really no need to be subscribed in between.

It’s time to save some money!

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