As I wrote about in my last post, I attended the studio opening at Great Northern Way this afternoon. I realize I didn’t take as many pics as I should have.

I did spend most of my time socializing and talking to people I haven’t seen in years and I even got to meet a co-worker that I’ve been working with remotely. That was really nice.

In general, I think the new space is clean, spacious, bright, and modern. It was also very easy to get to. I think I stepped onto a Skytrain around 11:45am and I was walking through the front doors at about 12:15pm. Because my commute is limited to just Skytrain, it’s a much easier commute than to the Burnaby studio, even though it’s technically closer to my home.

One highlight that may seem inconsequential to you but is interesting to me is that the studio has windows that open. Working at the Burnaby studio for so long, we’ve never had windows that open. That place is sealed up tight. The new studio has windows at nearly every desk and you can just crack open a window to get some fresh air. That’s so great.

As I mentioned before, I won’t be spending many of my workdays at the new studio. Most of the people I work with directly are not in Vancouver, so if I do decide to head in for a day, it’ll be for other reasons.

I spoke to some people who are already working there every day or plan to be there every day soon. Everyone has their preferences for what works best for them and I’m glad we have a choice.

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