I was supposed to get a tour of the new studio last week but it got postponed to tomorrow. I can’t remember the last time I was at any studio location. I think I was at the Burnaby studio more than two years ago now, either to pick something up or drop something off.

Anyways, I also have another incentive to show up tomorrow for the tour. We all got hoodies for the holiday season and they were sized really oddly. These hoodies were much larger than anyone anticipated. Most people should have selected a size down. I chose a medium, which turns out was a large for most normal clothing manufacturers. This thing hung off my body like a toga, it was so big. Long story short, a lot of people wanted to swap sizes and someone did the thankless job of figuring out who needed what size and who to swap with to get it. It’s pretty complicated. I need to give my medium to someone and then I need to go get a small from someone else. It’s not as simple as just giving your hoodie to one person and then just taking their hoodie. It’s a process.

Well, I’ll take some pictures and I hope it’ll be some fun.

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