I cooked a meal kit for dinner this evening and it was the easiest and fastest recipe to date. This kit was a “southern Califorian inspired turkey salad”. The first step asked me to pickle some jalapenos peppers, which I just skipped since I’m not a huge fan of jalapenos. So right there that saved me a ton of time and effort.

All that was left to do was to fry up some ground turkey, which I added some spice blend to. This took less than five minutes. The dressing consisted of some mayo, some added spice, and a splash of red vinegar, all whisked together in a bowl. I also chopped up a tiny tomato.

The kit had a bag of salad greens, which I plated, drizzled the salad dressing on, added the tomatoes, emptied the packet of guacamole I was given, and then topped off with the cooked turkey. The whole thing was probably ready in about 15 minutes and it was tasty. Clean up was simple too.

I need more meal kits like that.

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