British Columbia broke several temperature records on Saturday, as Kamloops, located in the interior, was the hottest place in Canada, with a high of nearly 32 degrees Celsius. Think about that for a second. That would be a hot day in the peak of summer but it was that hot in April.

Local to me, Saturday was much cooler than Kamloops, with our high being in the mid-20s. I was outside for a few hours and it felt like a regular summer day, except that it wasn’t even May yet.

It immediately cooled down today however. The clouds came back and the temperature dropped about ten degrees in a day. The sunny skies are supposed to return this week though but the highs won’t be as extreme as on Saturday. While I suppose this warmer weather is somewhat good, it already means that wildfire alerts are in play in this province.

On a personal level, I bought some new shorts recently, so I’m prepared for the sun.

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