The Vancouver Canucks are currently a very bad hockey team. It may be more fair to say they’ve been a bad hockey team for a better part of a decade now. They are especially bad now however.

They recently went on a three-game road trip and lost all three games, two of which they surrendered seven goals. I thought about betting against them on the second game but I held back. I shouldn’t have done that. Instead, I bet on the third and last game, which they lost by a score of 5-1.

As bad as the Canucks are, there is surprisingly an even worse team in the league right now, the Phoenix Coyotes. They play tomorrow and I am very tempted to bet on that game as well.

In this economy and inflation levels, we all gotta dig deep to make some extra scratch.


In one week the installation of my floor begins. I’m still not exactly sure what to expect since I haven’t been given any instructions but I know it would be wise to clean and pack up my belongings before the installers arrive.

I’ve procured several boxes and moved most things that are loose into them as much as possible. When I mean loose, I mean things that are just laying around on a shelf, on a coffee table, or things like that. Since they will need access to every inch of my living room and bedroom, they will need to move my furniture around. Things like bookcases and shelves will need to free of items before they can moved.

It feels almost like moving homes since I have a bunch of boxes in my apartment, packed with my belongings. Some items will need to be unpacked until at least Friday, like my computer since I need to do work until the end of the week.

Once next Monday comes around, I’m gonna try to put as much stuff in my kitchen, on my countertop, and in my bathroom (including in my bathtub).


Environment Canada confirmed that on the weekend, a tornado did in fact, go through portions of the University of British Columbia. I can’t remember that last time a tornado was spotted in greater Vancouver area but I assure you, it is not a common occurrence.

Between the yearly summer wildfires, the heat dome this year that killed hundred of people, and now the appearance of a tornado in the city, extreme weather phenomenon seems to be common now.


I saw my niece this evening after not seeing her for about two weeks. She let me hold her without crying, which is always a bonus. She continues to grow and it’s no longer completely effortless to hold this child in my arms now. There is a heft to my niece that I guess makes sense for a baby that is approaching the eleventh month mark. Where does the time go?

In another development, she has figured out how to crawl at a remarkable speed. About a month ago, when she was on her tummy, she hadn’t quite figured out how to position her arms and legs, and how to move them in sequence for a real crawl. Since then, she’s put it all together and zips around on the floor from place to place. The only unfortunate side effect is that while she crawls, she also drools, so she leaves this trail of drool everywhere. In one instance, I had to chase after her as she crawled from the living room into the kitchen.

She also can now pull herself up from the crawling position to standing. My sister says she shows a real gusto for trying to stand whenever she can. She seems fairly stable on her feet, as long as she has something to hold onto. It feels like walking can’t be too far off. I won’t be surprised if she starts walking before her first birthday.


Next weekend is a four-day one for me. My employer is giving us an extra day in addition to Remembrance Day. I for one, could use another long weekend. I wish I could take a vacation to some alternate reality where there is no global pandemic. It would be pretty neat if you could travel back to 2017 for two weeks in August. What an awesome vacation that would be right now.


I had four fillings put in today at the dentist. It wasn’t the most pleasant way to spend an hour of my afternoon. Is it just me or did it take a whole lot longer to get fillings done like thirty years ago? Four fillings done in less than an hour is amazing, at least from a time perspective.

I no longer have any of my old school metal fillings in any of my teeth. I’m not sure if this happened today or if it’s been like this for a while. I only checked tonight and sure enough, no more metal mouth.

One of the areas where I had fillings put in became sore in the evening. The discomfort is minor but I do feel it. I suppose it’s natural to feel a bit sore since the tooth was drilled into earlier today.

Well, it’s time for me to go to bed.


I decided to purchase a new TV for my parents today. They are currently watching a rather dated 40″ 720p LCD TV from LG that must be at least eight years old, possibly even older.

While their new TV is larger at 43″, it actually takes up less space because the old TV has such large bezels. I think many of us forget how bulky these supposedly “flat screen” TVs were even less than a decade ago. Their new TV also features a 4K resolution with HDR capabilities. Their old TV was not smart but this one is, so it’ll be easier for them to watch YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services.

The only thing I’m a bit iffy on is how they’ll adjust to learning a new remote and user interface. The old TV basically didn’t have a UI. They knew the on and off button and the volume button. They just used the cable box remote to change channels. Since the new TV is a smart one, with an actual OS, they’ll need to understand the concept of moving a cursor with the directional buttons and the “OK” button. I hope they’ll pick it up quickly, if not… well, this may get interesting.


The flooring company informed me last week that November 22 is the day they will start the installation process. Unfortunately, that is not the day they will start laying down the floors. The concrete subfloor will need leveling so that’s the week they will start doing that.

I know it’s three weeks away but I’m not in a rush and I will use the extra time to get rid of more stuff so it’ll be easier during the installation process.