I saw my niece this evening after not seeing her for about two weeks. She let me hold her without crying, which is always a bonus. She continues to grow and it’s no longer completely effortless to hold this child in my arms now. There is a heft to my niece that I guess makes sense for a baby that is approaching the eleventh month mark. Where does the time go?

In another development, she has figured out how to crawl at a remarkable speed. About a month ago, when she was on her tummy, she hadn’t quite figured out how to position her arms and legs, and how to move them in sequence for a real crawl. Since then, she’s put it all together and zips around on the floor from place to place. The only unfortunate side effect is that while she crawls, she also drools, so she leaves this trail of drool everywhere. In one instance, I had to chase after her as she crawled from the living room into the kitchen.

She also can now pull herself up from the crawling position to standing. My sister says she shows a real gusto for trying to stand whenever she can. She seems fairly stable on her feet, as long as she has something to hold onto. It feels like walking can’t be too far off. I won’t be surprised if she starts walking before her first birthday.

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