In one week the installation of my floor begins. I’m still not exactly sure what to expect since I haven’t been given any instructions but I know it would be wise to clean and pack up my belongings before the installers arrive.

I’ve procured several boxes and moved most things that are loose into them as much as possible. When I mean loose, I mean things that are just laying around on a shelf, on a coffee table, or things like that. Since they will need access to every inch of my living room and bedroom, they will need to move my furniture around. Things like bookcases and shelves will need to free of items before they can moved.

It feels almost like moving homes since I have a bunch of boxes in my apartment, packed with my belongings. Some items will need to be unpacked until at least Friday, like my computer since I need to do work until the end of the week.

Once next Monday comes around, I’m gonna try to put as much stuff in my kitchen, on my countertop, and in my bathroom (including in my bathtub).

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