I decided to purchase a new TV for my parents today. They are currently watching a rather dated 40″ 720p LCD TV from LG that must be at least eight years old, possibly even older.

While their new TV is larger at 43″, it actually takes up less space because the old TV has such large bezels. I think many of us forget how bulky these supposedly “flat screen” TVs were even less than a decade ago. Their new TV also features a 4K resolution with HDR capabilities. Their old TV was not smart but this one is, so it’ll be easier for them to watch YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services.

The only thing I’m a bit iffy on is how they’ll adjust to learning a new remote and user interface. The old TV basically didn’t have a UI. They knew the on and off button and the volume button. They just used the cable box remote to change channels. Since the new TV is a smart one, with an actual OS, they’ll need to understand the concept of moving a cursor with the directional buttons and the “OK” button. I hope they’ll pick it up quickly, if not… well, this may get interesting.

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