We are almost coming up to the one-year anniversary of me working from home. Some of you might remember that as soon as I started working from home, my desktop computer decided to stop working. It seems like that was a million years ago but it was actually just a year. What a year it has been.

My damn computer plagued me for about a month. Imagine trying to deal with your first global pandemic, toilet paper shortages, and also not being able to work efficiently. Well, it appears that my computer also has a sense of nostalgia. I woke up this morning to start my workday and turned on my computer. Rather than be greeted by the familiar Windows 10 logon screen, I was stuck in a BIOS screen which stated my computer had encountered a BIOS error.

I know my computer has no sense of irony or has any context of what happened a year ago but it’s hard not to think the universe has some sorta sense of humour. Reading the error message more carefully, it said that whatever settings it had before must have gotten corrupted but I had the option to load some optimized default settings and then it would try to boot into Windows again. I decided to go that route and luckily, it loaded into Windows fine.

The entire workday was normal after that. I’m hoping today was just a temporary error but I’m concerned that the error message popped up in the first place.

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