I guess everyone is doing it this week, reflecting on a year of living in a global pandemic. Right off the top, I recognize that other people have way more to complain about. People have lost their loved ones, jobs, and businesses. At the same time, very few people thrived during the last 365 days. I think most people just tried to cope, adapt, and survive. I fall into that category. As I reflect on the year, if I had to live it again, there are definitely a few things I do differently.

I’m tired of living in a pandemic. I know with the vaccines coming or already here for some, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Nevertheless, we all had to live through this crappy year to do it. I am thankful for some things during the last year but in general, I wish none of us had to go through it.

My greatest wish is the next few months will bring some much deserved happiness to us all.

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