On Friday, I went to Ikea for the first time in well over a year. I was not there to go inside store however. I made a purchase online and then arranged to pick up my items securely in the parking lot. This was the first time I used Ikea’s collection point service and I was quite impressed.

After you pay for your order online, you’re given a choice of time windows to select when you want to go get your order. In many cases, same day pick-up is possible. I chose a two-hour window the next day. You’re given clear instructions on where to go once you arrive and where to park. My Ikea has designated spots and you cannot park directly next to another car. The spots are numbered and you click on a link on your order, where you enter in the spot you’re at. That begins the process of an Ikea worker bringing out your items.

I waited about five minutes and a masked Ikea employee pushed a cart with my stuff out to my car. They looked at my order number on my phone and then just left the cart with me. It was all very safe and very distanced. I loaded all my stuff into my trunk and then returned the cart to a holding area. It was all very quick, convenient, and safe. I was impressed at how streamlined it was. They should continue having this option even when all of “this” is over.

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