Well, my last post was quite timely. Today, I received an e-mail indicating that I and my fellow co-workers at the Burnaby studio were now able to book appointments to pick up our personal effects and any desired office equipment. The window for this is July 13 to August 7, so the first batch of people to get stuff will be starting next Monday.

I signed up for a spot near the end of this window, in the first week of August. I don’t need my stuff that badly. We also received instructions on how our visit to the studio will go. There will be just one entrance available to enter the studio. All cars also must enter through the same entrance in the parkade. We must check in before proceeding to our desks. We must wear a mask at all times and we must adhere to all signage locate through out the studio. Apparently, some areas have now been designated one way only. We are also to pack up as much of our personal items as possible. I believe this is because management wants as much flexibility in possibly re-arranging desks and workspaces. If all our personal crap is gone, it makes it easier for them to move stuff around. Once we’re done packing up (with company supplied boxes), we also then need to check out. It’s during this check out process that they will scan asset tags to catalogue what is being taken home and with who. We have approximately one hour to pack and get out of the studio with our stuff. It goes without saying but we are not allowed to bring anyone else with us to help pack.

At this point, I’m uncertain if I will bring my Herman Miller chair home with me. It’s undoubtedly more comfortable than my own desk chair at home but my current chair isn’t awful either. If I do bring it home, then I need to figure out where to put my own chair. My place is already a mess from being at the start of a small home reno when the pandemic started. I have no room in my storage locker. I know these are first-world problems, so perhaps I shouldn’t dwell on it too much.

Out of all the things I want to see from my desk at work, it’s the Tupperware container of cookies I’m most curious about. I bet they’re pretty gross now.

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