By my way of counting, we’re now more than halfway through summer. It’s obviously a weird summer for a lot of the northern hemisphere. Locally, there have been a few hot days, some rainy days, but I would classify this summer as mild. It’s hard to tell if the rain has been more or less than previous summers because I’m inside so much. There have been days where I’m cognizant it’s raining but it doesn’t affect me because I’m not outside doing stuff or relying on dry weather.

I know the rest of the summer will go by quickly. July will speed into August. August always goes by so quickly. It’s the last gasp of summer before the fall comes barging in. The days will be shorter, the rains longer, and the temperatures lower. Through of all this, the pandemic remains.

Pretty soon, it will have been a year of living with it. Crazy. Well, I’m perhaps looking too far ahead. Gotta concentrate on tomorrow instead.

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