A few weekends ago, I had a responsible and socially distanced lunch with two of my friends. We remained six feet or more apart at all times, got take-out, and ate outside in the fresh air.

I had seen one of those friends less than a month ago but my other friend I had not seen him since mid-March. It had been about four months in between. We had a great time, eating and catching up. Later that weekend, said friend sent us a group message in Slack saying he was glad to see all of us had dad bod’s.

I think he was kidding but not really. At first, I was a bit offended but then I looked in the mirror and I could not object. I weighed myself and the scale said 165 lbs. During the first month of the lockdown, I weight five pounds less than that. I was getting much less exercise back then but eating less and when I was eating, it was healthier.

I don’t want a dad bod anymore. It’s time to eat a bit more healthier and hopefully less too. Those first heady weeks of the pandemic really instilled a sense of dedication in me to eat more for survival than pleasure. I didn’t know how things were gonna go and back then, trips to the supermarket might mean instant death. So I ate strategically. Maybe I need to go back to elements of that, without the whole sense of impending doom perhaps.

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