There is no easy way to say this but since this pandemic has started, it seems like I get diarrhea way more often now. Now I know that diarrhea is listed as one of the lesser known symptoms of having the virus but I’m fairly confident I don’t have that particular virus. Outside of having more frequent loose stools, I feel fine. Sometimes I’ll go a week or more without any problems. Other times, I’ll have a bad day, be fine the next day, and then have another bad day.

It does seem though that my gastrointestinal system seems more sensitive these days. Could it be that I’m eating more at home? Is there a root cause from where I prepare my meals? I don’t think I’m a slob, I wash my dishes pretty much immediately. I take food safety seriously and I’m very aware of cross-contamination.

Perhaps I’ve developed a food allergy or something. Previously, dairy has become a challenge for me in the last few years. I can take pills that counteract my lactose intolerance. Is it possible that some other food has now made me sensitive to it.

Well, at least my toiler paper supply is adequate for now.

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