My employer has three locations in the greater Vancouver area. Our main studio in Burnaby, a smaller location in Burnaby as well, and a relatively tiny studio located in downtown Vancouver.

Management has now begun the process of allowing some employees in our smaller Burnaby location to visit the office and collect their personal items, plus any office equipment they might need. The process is organized and employees must follow certain rules before and during the visit. You can’t just show up on any day and at any time. Employees must sign up for an allotted time and day. They must also complete a health check on the day of their visit. A mask should be worn while on-site.

For that location, it will probably take several weeks to go through the entire list of people that want to get their stuff. There is still no word on when this process will be started for our main studio, which has four to five times the amount of employees. I am sure they are using this as a bit of a rehearsal for the main studio.

We are quite lucky that we live in a place that is safe enough now for us to be allowing employees to come get their stuff in a controlled manner. I know in our other locations, especially in the United States, they continue to be in a holding pattern. Who knows how long it’ll be before they can implement the same plans.

I’m looking forward to picking up some instant coffee that I left on my desk in mid-March!

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