I was exhausted for most of the day because of a stupid fire alarm that went off in the early morning. I’m not even sure what time it happened, it was probably around 4am or 5am. It roused me from my sleep. I got out of my bed not to vacate the building but to go turn off the alarm in my apartment. That’s a terrible default action but there have been countless false alarms in my building and I was just too tired and too cold to want to do anything else.

Before I could go silence the alarm, it turned off by itself. I’ve learned when that happens it’s a false alarm because someone has gone down to the panel in the lobby to turn it off. If the alarm continues to blare then you know it’s more serious. Thankful for the quiet, I went back to my bed. Unfortunately, the alarm turned back on and then was silenced again after five seconds. This happened two or three more times before it finally stopped for good. The last thing I remember hearing before falling back asleep was the sirens of the approaching fire trucks.

One day, there might be a real fire and I’ll totally ignore it the alarms.

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