I wound up not going to work on Friday. It didn’t start snowing until probably the early afternoon but once it did, it came down heavy and hard. The afternoon and evening commute was messy, crowded, and time-consuming, so it validated my decision to stay home for the day. A lot of my co-workers thought the same thing as there were very few people at work that day. Some stayed away because of the weather but I know for a fact several were hungover. A contingent of them decided to go to another bar after the official party ended. I think that’s where some of the regret began. Hilarious.

I can’t say I did a whole lot this weekend because it was miserable and cold outside. I basically just tried to keep warm and ate comfort foods (that will make me fat). The only consolation was that the snow turned into rain on the weekend. While it wasn’t a torrential downpour, there was enough of it to wash away some of the snow. Early on Sunday evening I was expecting a normal commute for Monday morning. That last hour or so, delivered a surprise. A sudden snowfall warning was announced by Environment Canada, with accumulations of 5cm to 10cm depending on elevation and location. I just looked out the window and large flakes of snow are coming down in appreciable amounts. Roads that were clear and free of snow and ice just an hour ago are now blanketed with a new layer of snow.

I’m heading to bed soon but I’ll have to assess the situation when I get up tomorrow. If it’s crazy out there, I’m not going into work and I’ll just have to work from home again.

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