Well, I managed to catch a cold towards the end of last week. If my faulty memory serves me correctly, I haven’t been struck down with a bonafide illness since the end of February when I had a brief but intense battle with the flu. My recovery from that somewhat miraculous, allowing me to fly down to San Diego without any problems.

As for my current malady, it’s a minor in the grand scheme of things. A minor sore throat on Friday, that transitioned to some minor nasal congestion over the week, and to a minor dry cough today. All things that did not knock me out nor confine me to bed but enough to be an annoyance as I am not feeling 100%. I suppose I should be thankful I went over six months between illnesses but that’s a small consolation prize.

I was wondering, is it better to suffer a week with minor symptoms like I have now or having your ass kicked for two straight days but then be fine? As painful as my last flu was, I’m thinking the shorter time period might be worth it.

Alas, this is just an exercise in thought, I still have a few more days of this to endure.

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