The title of this post sums up what you’re about to see in the above video but some context is good to have. According to what I’ve found, the video shows a 40-year old Japanese man who is streaming live onto the Internet. Some people say he’s streaming to Twitch but I’m not sure of that. The computerized female voice you hear in the video is from a program that converts the text of people chatting with him to voice. If you watch the video from the beginning, you can see he’s adjusting or doing some maintenance on a lighter of sorts. At one point he adds lighter fluid to the lighter. At several points in the video, he uses tissues to wipe off excess lighter fluid from the lighter and his hands, and discards the tissues in a plastic bag next to him.

He then uses a striker to make sparks which is when all hell breaks loose. I invite you at this point to watch the plethora of mistakes and poor decisions he manages to make over the course of several minutes. At several points, he easily could have extinguished the fire had he been smart but he winds up literally adding more fuel to the fire.

I tried to find out what happened after the stream dies. According to this version of the video, the aftermath was as follows:

“Fire occurred at around 12:45 PM on October 4. Dude (age 40) lives with three other people in the two-story home, including his father (68) and mother (73). The identity of the fourth person isn’t stated. Four people were injured, suffering from burns and other unspecified injuries. This includes the above three people and a female relative (62) that lives nearby. About 30% of the home burned down (37 square meters out of a total of 125). Fire department reports that the son was upstairs and accidentally dropped a lit oil-based lighter into a garbage bag, igniting the fire.”

If this is true, I’m glad no one died but it’s unfortunate there were injuries, especially burns, associating with the seniors. His stupidity sure was costly.

Lastly, because of the text-to-voice program, we can actually hear what people were saying when they were watching this live. Someone from Reddit translated the chat:

The text-to-voice thing is a nice touch. An off-the-cuff translation:

“Behind you. Behind you. Look Behind you.”

“Where did he go? Is he coming back?”

“The fire extinguisher. Use the fire extinguisher.”


“Holy shit..” (UAAAAA!)

“Why did you take it over there?”

“Call 119” (Japanese 911)

“Find a way to smother it.”


“Don’t you have a futon (thin Japanese mattress) you can put on it?”

“If you don’t smother it it’s not going to go out.”

“Call 119 or use your fire extinguisher.”

“Call 119. Why did this even happen??”

I can’t wait to see how this guy explains what happened in his next stream.

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