The 2015 NHL playoffs start tomorrow and the Vancouver Canucks have returned to the post-season after a one year absence due to a crazy man. The Canucks have caused me much emotional pain and grief through out my entire life as it requires much strength to follow the team year after year. Some of you might remember that I traditionally bet against the Canucks each series they face. The reason is quite simple: if they win, I lose some money but I’m happy they move on but if they lose, the pain is somewhat dulled by the extra cash I win. The last two times the Canucks were in the playoffs, it was an easy bet to make. They lost in the first round in both 2012 and 2013, getting handily beat by Los Angeles and San Jose. You could tell the Canucks were not in a good state either of those years and were ripe for a beating.

This year, the Canucks face the Calgary Flames. Both teams are quite evenly matched, with many experts saying it’s a toss-up at this point. On paper, the stats give Vancouver the slimmest of advantages which might explain why Bodog, an online betting site, marks Vancouver as the favourite. I disagree with Bodog, however, as I think it’s a mistake to just go with the stats. With such closely matched teams, I’m hesitant to make a bet right now. Had Vancouver been paired with either Chicago or Anaheim this round, I’d be itching to put money down but that’s not the case.

I still have a few hours before the puck drops, so I can still make a bet until then.

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