Out of curiosity, I recently downloaded an app for my tablet that analyzes your sleeping patterns. You’re supposed to run this app while you sleep for many nights in a row so you can gather lots of data points. I’ve only recorded one night of sleep so there are no trends to report and everything is subject to how good an app can be at analyzing a human being while they sleep.

The app makes use of the accelerometers in my tablet to detect motion and I’m guessing they have an algorithm that determines what phase of sleep I’m in and good that sleep is. As such, my tablet needs to be on the bed with me. The app can also use the microphone on my tablet to detect snoring and/or sleep talking. I decided to turn this feature on and also record any disturbances it detects. For snoring detection, it necessitates my tablet had to be also near my head for the night.

The results after one night of sleep are as follows, according to the app. I got approximately six hours of sleep (I know, I stayed up way too late playing video games). Of that six hours, about one hour was spent in deep sleep (consisting of three separate cycles). I also spent 7 minutes snoring (according to the app). The app also recorded every time it thought I was snoring. A few times it just recorded the sound of me just turning over or the rustling of my water bed but sure enough, it did record me snoring many times. I played back all the clips and while I do snore, I don’t think it’s that loud. I knew I was snorer before this, it’s just interesting to listen to it in detail. I was kinda afraid I’d hear myself struggling for breath as that’s a sign of sleep apnea but I don’t believe I heard anything like that, just regular snoring.

I need to have a few more data points before I can see a trend of how my sleep is. Maybe I do talk in my sleep and I just don’t know it.

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