Last May I wrote about a post about The Last Man on Earth, a new TV show featuring, well, the last man on Earth. The show, starring Will Forte, finally aired on Sunday night. I didn’t realize it would take ten months for it to show up but whatever.

It was a two-part premiere, featuring episodes one and two back to back. As I expected, the show started out with Forte’s character, Phil, taking advantage of not having any rules to follow. He travels in a large RV home, collecting pricey items as he explores America looking for survivors of some unmentioned plague. Among the items he “acquires” are: a Heisman trophy, Hugh Hefner’s PJs, the Declaration of Independence, and a fossilized T-Rex head.

Eventually, he starts to break down from the lack of human contact. Just as he’s about to crack, the show introduces the only other character we’ve seen so far. Phil finds Carol, played by Kristen Schaal. This is where the show keeps viewers on its toes. You would think that Phil would be so pleased to find another human being to associate with and a woman no less! It turns out Carol is devastatingly annoying. She corrects Phil’s grammar constantly and insists on following rules like stopping at stop signs and not parking in handicap spots.

Phil quickly discovers he really can’t stand Carol, despite her being the only other human he’s seen in two years. I think this is where the show can find its strength going forward.

I’ve been informed that other survivors show up in later episodes, so I can’t wait to see what happens.

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