Over a decade ago, I wrote a post entitled “The Last Person on Earth“. For those astute readers out there, I imagined a theoretical situation where I became the only remaining living human being on this planet through some unknown event. It would happen without a nuclear holocaust, zombie apocalypse, nor through some worldwide epidemic. One second there would be billions of people and then a second later everyone would be gone except for me. I believe in the comments (which were deleted after I moved to WordPress), we came to the conclusion that animals and plants would still exist.

In my post, I discussed about walking around everywhere in my underwear. I also discussed getting food before it all rotted. I mentioned that I might even get lonely. At least for me, it was fascinating thought experiment about how one would spend their time in such a scenario.

Well, that scenario is coming to a TV near you in the near future. Orville Willis Forte IV, or aka Will Forte, is starring in a new Fox series called The Last Man on Earth. The premise of the show is almost identical to the situation I described in my decade old post. Forte’s character finds himself as the last man on earth, without really knowing how everyone else disappeared. In the trailer above, you can see many of the things he does echoes with my own musings in such a world. You bet your ass I’d probably load up on all that free porn. Um, anyways… The show does hint that Forte’s character might discover a woman later on and I’m sure that will provide material for much of the show.

I’m curious to see how this all turns out!

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